Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Well that was awkward

So I posted all about the wedding I recently went to, which my dear husband officiated over. (HA! That sounds so funny to me all formal and stuffs)  What I didn't talk about was how silly and awkward I felt for the first part of the wedding. So since Shawn was part of the wedding (he also was supposed to kind of MC a bit that night), he was running around doing stuff before hand, and then between the ceremony and reception when cocktail hour was happening. And the thing is, the only people I actually knew were: the bride, groom, 2 of the groomsmen, and the person that made the cake. There were a few other people around I'd met, but that was mostly family of the bride and groom. Otherwise, I didn't know ANYONE. I was able to sit next to the person that made the cake (wife of a groomsmen) for the ceremony. But afterward she was talking with her in-laws and such. So, I was left to wonder around by myself. And I couldn't even have a damn drink since I'm all knocked up.
Which of course has me thinking about this upcoming blogger meet-up I decided I should participate in. Why? Why did I think it'd be a good idea to go to an event where I will know NO ONE? I am TERRIBLE with strangers. Hell, I'm terrible with people I know. Just a bad conversationalist. Baaaad. I mean, sure, maybe it's a good idea to try and push my comfort level a bit. But should I start a little smaller? If I couldn't handle myself at a wedding with people I'd met before, how will I handle this?  Maybe I'll start talking to strangers on the bus to prepare myself. Everyone loves it when strangers talk to them on the bus, right?  Aye aye aye... I'm in trouble.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Vicar

So a couple of months ago at a friends house for game night we were discussing their wedding plans. Since they weren't getting married in a church they had to decide who would marry them. The idea came up, mostly jokingly of having Shawn get ordained and marrying them. (We were married by a friend of a friend who'd gotten ordained on line to marry some friends and it's become almost a 2nd job for him now, which is what spurred the idea.) So a couple of days later Shawn mentions he's really going to go get hisself all official like. And in a surprisingly short period of time online he was ordained. He was looking through options for his title, and we've been calling him Vicar for awhile. When he told our friends he'd actually been ordained and would do their wedding, if the actually wanted to, they were totally on board and excited!

Fast forward to last night, the wedding. The venue was Sodo Park by Herban Feast in Seattle and was so cool and beautiful. It's a big loft like space w/ exposed wood beams and strings of white lights. Loved it.  Of course I was a bad wife and didn't take an video. But he did such an amazing job. Seriously, a beautiful ceremony. The bride and groom had talked about being okay with it being fun and humorous, which I think is why they liked the idea of him officiating as he's so damn hilarious. But he kept it serious and sentimental, which I think was the right choice.

All night people were coming up to him to tell him what an amazing job he'd done, and how surprised they were that he hadn't done it before. The grandfather of the bride told him it was the best ceremony he'd seen in his 80+ years. The parents of the groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, guests... everyone was impressed.

And I got to go home with that amazing man.

(the only picture I managed to get of him, cause I kinda suck)

Um. I've done what now?

Okay, so yesterday I pulled the trigger on something that I'm ridiculously nervous and unsure about.  Um, so I went ahead and bought a ticket to a PNW blogger meetup. I've been kinda obsessing about the idea since I heard about it some weeks ago, and yesterday tickets were available. Knowing that they were limited and would probably sell quick I had to decide yea or nay pretty quick. And, um, I did it. I think I feel a nervous rash taking over me. I have one month to get over it. I can't even believe I did it. I don't even have a frackin name for this blog. I mean, seriously.
The thing is- this could be a good push for me to do something waaay out of my comfort zone. I could also end up spending the night huddled in a bathroom stall crying. I guess we'll just have to see.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

We're Buying a House! Eek!

I'm not quite sure how we've managed it, but we're closing on a house TOMORROW! We signed papers yesterday and are just waiting not-so-patiently for the keys to be handed over. We hadn't planned on looking for a couple of years but a whole bunch of things, most importantly housing costs and rates, made us change our mind.
Our biggest obstacle was that we needed a pretty large place. In addition to our 3 plus one more in November, we'll be moving my mom in with us and possibly my brother (TEMPORARILY. It helps if I keep reminding myself of that).

And we found a place that's perfect without really having to give up anything we wanted. 5 Bedrooms with a bonus room (yea! I don't have to shove my mom in a tiny bedroom with no other space! She gets a bonus room! I don't have to feel like a total asshole!)  and we have THREE FULL BATHROOMS! I know. I can't even. I get a bathroom! The kids get a bathroom! Mom gets a bathroom! BATHROOOOMS FOR EVERRRRRYOOONEEE! (That was my best Oprah).
And we have a big backyard!  It's really as good as we could have hoped for. Better really.

Here's a peek at the front:

Oh, and one of Q just cause (he's somehow learned that showing us food in his mouth is HI-larious)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Q Turns One!

Since the main purpose of all of this is to help me remember things, I thought I'd do a recap of my best little man's first birthday. It's already been almost 4 months, so I honestly probably forgot half of the day at this point. But here we go. First we had to decide what kind of celebration to have. Little family get together? Big bad-ass blowout?  Since he'd have no idea what was going on, and would never remember it, we decided (I decided; Shawn's kinda "meh" about b-days) to go somewhere in the middle of the two.  Even with just a couple of people in attendance our apartment would be too small, so I had to figure out where this whole thing would take place. We live in Washington, and it was April, so outdoors was out of the question. And of course the cabana at our apartment was in the midst of construction. So turned to the fine folks at Alfy's Pizza. My baby shower was there and it worked great. Plus- FREE! His first birthday was on a Saturday, so that worked well.  Next was trying to figure out a "theme."  This stressed me out. I looked at way to many pictures of perfect, adorable parties before realizing if nothing else I was just too lazy to manage something so nice. Then Target came to the rescue in the form of a collection of Monster Plates & napkins. Done!
Other than deciding to use some of his stuffed animals as decoration, there wasn't much more to the theme.
Then it was time to decide on a cake. Shawn came up with the brilliant idea of making a cake in the shape of a Q. We bought a huge round cake pan, and Shawn cut a circle out of the middle and used that piece to create the "kickstand' of the letter. It was AWESOME!  Meanwhile I made 'Q' & '1' sugar cookies, and cupcakes to make sure we had enough sugar to put everyone into comas.

Also made for the occasion- A poster board displaying a pic of the little man from every month. I turned out pretty good.

However, this banner made by a friend was so freakin' awesome! Unfortunately this is the best picture I got:

On the day of I know I got all stressed out an annoyed trying to get everything set up in the few minutes we had to get ready before people. I might have gotten testy and impatient with people, which isn't really like me. I'm blaming the pregnancy for that. Also that I got a phone call in the middle of all of this from my mom to let me know she wouldn't make it in time for the party. I'm not even going to get into how annoyed and upset I was by that.

So people arrived. There was chatting and ooh-ing and awh-ing over my super adorable kid.
There was Pizza for the very first time!

Then it was CAKE TIME!This kid dove into that cake like he knew what was what. No worries out of him about trying a new food!

Nothing left but crumbs.

There wasn't really time for presents (And we'd actually asked people not to bring any, so there weren't a lot anyway).  We just tried to visit with everyone before time was up.

After the pizza party we headed on home to wait for my mom & sister to finally arrive and then open presents. I knew he wouldn't understand what was going on, but I thought he'd at least be interested in ripping open gifts. Nope. Just wanted to run around the house dragging a dozen balloons behind him and tripping all over the place.

The person that did want to open presents, so bad he could hardly stand it was my 5 yr old nephew. He was very interested in "helping", ha!
More Balloon madness:

And to end the day,an attempt at a few family pictures (We're holding the birthday card we gave him, though I don't know why since you can't really see it)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Here we go again

Okay, clearly I've lost my mind because I'm trying this AGAIN for like the 50 billionth time. Imma take it real nice and easy this time. Just. One. Picture.

Q and his new baby (Getting him ready for a real baby in Nov)