Friday, August 19, 2011

The Vicar

So a couple of months ago at a friends house for game night we were discussing their wedding plans. Since they weren't getting married in a church they had to decide who would marry them. The idea came up, mostly jokingly of having Shawn get ordained and marrying them. (We were married by a friend of a friend who'd gotten ordained on line to marry some friends and it's become almost a 2nd job for him now, which is what spurred the idea.) So a couple of days later Shawn mentions he's really going to go get hisself all official like. And in a surprisingly short period of time online he was ordained. He was looking through options for his title, and we've been calling him Vicar for awhile. When he told our friends he'd actually been ordained and would do their wedding, if the actually wanted to, they were totally on board and excited!

Fast forward to last night, the wedding. The venue was Sodo Park by Herban Feast in Seattle and was so cool and beautiful. It's a big loft like space w/ exposed wood beams and strings of white lights. Loved it.  Of course I was a bad wife and didn't take an video. But he did such an amazing job. Seriously, a beautiful ceremony. The bride and groom had talked about being okay with it being fun and humorous, which I think is why they liked the idea of him officiating as he's so damn hilarious. But he kept it serious and sentimental, which I think was the right choice.

All night people were coming up to him to tell him what an amazing job he'd done, and how surprised they were that he hadn't done it before. The grandfather of the bride told him it was the best ceremony he'd seen in his 80+ years. The parents of the groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, guests... everyone was impressed.

And I got to go home with that amazing man.

(the only picture I managed to get of him, cause I kinda suck)

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