Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Well that was awkward

So I posted all about the wedding I recently went to, which my dear husband officiated over. (HA! That sounds so funny to me all formal and stuffs)  What I didn't talk about was how silly and awkward I felt for the first part of the wedding. So since Shawn was part of the wedding (he also was supposed to kind of MC a bit that night), he was running around doing stuff before hand, and then between the ceremony and reception when cocktail hour was happening. And the thing is, the only people I actually knew were: the bride, groom, 2 of the groomsmen, and the person that made the cake. There were a few other people around I'd met, but that was mostly family of the bride and groom. Otherwise, I didn't know ANYONE. I was able to sit next to the person that made the cake (wife of a groomsmen) for the ceremony. But afterward she was talking with her in-laws and such. So, I was left to wonder around by myself. And I couldn't even have a damn drink since I'm all knocked up.
Which of course has me thinking about this upcoming blogger meet-up I decided I should participate in. Why? Why did I think it'd be a good idea to go to an event where I will know NO ONE? I am TERRIBLE with strangers. Hell, I'm terrible with people I know. Just a bad conversationalist. Baaaad. I mean, sure, maybe it's a good idea to try and push my comfort level a bit. But should I start a little smaller? If I couldn't handle myself at a wedding with people I'd met before, how will I handle this?  Maybe I'll start talking to strangers on the bus to prepare myself. Everyone loves it when strangers talk to them on the bus, right?  Aye aye aye... I'm in trouble.

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