Thursday, August 18, 2011

We're Buying a House! Eek!

I'm not quite sure how we've managed it, but we're closing on a house TOMORROW! We signed papers yesterday and are just waiting not-so-patiently for the keys to be handed over. We hadn't planned on looking for a couple of years but a whole bunch of things, most importantly housing costs and rates, made us change our mind.
Our biggest obstacle was that we needed a pretty large place. In addition to our 3 plus one more in November, we'll be moving my mom in with us and possibly my brother (TEMPORARILY. It helps if I keep reminding myself of that).

And we found a place that's perfect without really having to give up anything we wanted. 5 Bedrooms with a bonus room (yea! I don't have to shove my mom in a tiny bedroom with no other space! She gets a bonus room! I don't have to feel like a total asshole!)  and we have THREE FULL BATHROOMS! I know. I can't even. I get a bathroom! The kids get a bathroom! Mom gets a bathroom! BATHROOOOMS FOR EVERRRRRYOOONEEE! (That was my best Oprah).
And we have a big backyard!  It's really as good as we could have hoped for. Better really.

Here's a peek at the front:

Oh, and one of Q just cause (he's somehow learned that showing us food in his mouth is HI-larious)

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