Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Five

Happy Friday! I'm so tired this week, I'm surprised I'm able to manage this post at all. Here we go:

1) Tomorrow I will be going to a little Baby Welcoming thrown in my honor (Okay fine, the baby's honor). Since we really don't need anything for the new baby, it is our second and another boy after all, a Baby Shower wasn't really necessary. But my girlfriends still wanted to have a little party/get together to welcome the little one, which is so sweet. So I'll be hanging out with friends and enjoying pizza and goodies tomorrow afternoon. Don't be jealous.

2) Afer... geesh 7+ years or something like that, I cancelled my beloved Netflix account this week. I know people have been complaining about it and discussing the changes to death, so I won't go on here. I'll just say they suck and really, I was hardly using it anymore anyway.

3) I was just thinking about how nice it is to have cable now and a DVR, making the netflix cancellation easier. And I realized how AWESOME a DVR will be at 3 in the morning when I'm up feeding a newborn. I don't have to watch old Fraiser episodes and the NWCN (Northwest Cable news, which by the way runs on a loop, so before long you just have to watch the same thing over again) this time around. That will also make my maternity leave easier in general. Especially if this baby is anything like Q and won't sleep unless he's held. Last time around my afternoons were spent stuck on the couch watching Little House on the Prairie (Shawn LOVED my recaps every day, haha. But I have a special place in my heart for that show tho, cause my dad worked on it)  and Who's the Boss reruns and praying for new episodes of Ellen every afternoon.

4) RE: Donut Addiction. Seriously, it's bad. Somebody should step in and stop me. I'll be over here in the corner with donut glaze all over my face and a dazed look on my face. Apologizing in advance for trying to claw your eyes out.

5) I can't think of a 5th thing. Um. Wow, so I suck. Did I mention I'm tired?

Well I almost made it. Next week maybe I'll do a Friday Six to make up for it? Probably not...
Happy Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

A ha! I finally got Q being cute and saying 'Mama' & 'Dada' on video tonight. Plus a little bee buzzzzing.
So for my first attempt at a Wordless(ish) Wednesday, here you go (please excuse my dumb voice):

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


I've seen it quite a few times this week, so I thought I'd join in the fun.

A. Age: hmmm... okay, fine. ALMOST 33
B. Bed size: Just upgraded to a King Size. Love. It.
C. Chore that you hate: Dishes. I mean, really hate it.
D. Dogs: Are cute? I like German Shepards?
E. Essential start to your day: A smooch from both my boys. A Dr. Pepper isn't unwelcome in the morning either. Don't judge, judgey-mcjudgerson. Just drink your coffee like a real adult and leave me be.
F. Favorite color: Blue, Teal, RAINBOW! haha
G. Gold or Silver: Silver
H. Height: 5'7" ish
I. Instruments you play: Clarinet. Although it's been a billion years and I was never any good anyway.
J. Job title: Commercial Service Banker! Exciting No? I like the mom title better.
K. Kids: 17 month old Q and another little dude on the way
L. Live: Pacific Northwest/ Seattle-ish
M. Mother’s name: Susan
N. Nicknames: I used to have a lot when I was younger. Now mostly just Meg
O. Overnight hospital stays: When I had Q, and another coming up! I can't wait! Kidding!
P. Pet peeves: I have so many pet peeves that I can't keep track, which is a pet peeve. Yeah. That just happened.
Q. Quote from a movie: First thing that came to my mind: "I do not regret the things I have done, but those I did not do" (Empire Records)
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: FOUR. Older brother & sister, and a younger brother & sister
U. Underwear: "We could hide out under there. I just made you say underwear" That's it, just a song lyric is all you get pervs.
V. Vegetable you hate: All of them?
W. What makes you run late: Making myself look so impeccable, of course. HA HAHAHAHAHAHA. 
I'm not really late often; These days it's planning enough time to get the kid ready if anything.  
X. X-Rays you’ve had: just dental
Y. Yummy food that you make: Crunchy oatmeal cookies. I want one now actually.
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffe

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Five

Friday! Yahoo! Here's this weeks 5 for yous all

1) I'm working on a house tour to share with you all. I'm trying to decide if I should do a little video tour. I don't know why, but it seems fun.

2) Speaking of the house, this weekend will be spent working on getting stuff done. Hopefully. We're having a housewarming party (slash B-day party for moi) soon and want to try and get some more unpacking/ organizing/ decorating done. Fingers crossed we actually get some things crossed off our to-do list.

3) I have at least 8 drafts of posts sitting that I need to finish and actually post. Including! A Vlog! Maybe! And I swear, I'm working on making this blog look a little less lame. Sort of.

4) I had yesterday off from work, which was awesome. Working a 5 day week is for suckers.

5) One of the things I decided to do on my day off was make a cake. Nothing fancy, just a boxed cake mix (Halloween themed! Shawn picked it out).  So I whip everything together, throw it in the oven and start to put things away. Then I realize there's a mixing glass with vegetable oil still on the counter. What?! I sort of sputter and swear and try and figure out what to do. I pulled the cakes back out real quick and ended up pouring the batter back into the bowl and mixing in the oil. They came out looking okay, though a bit flat. I haven't tried any yet though. I'm waiting for Shawn to take the first bite. Also, I'm totally blaming the pregnancy for this one.

Okay, that's it. Short and sweet. Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

PNW Blogger meetup, or that time I went to a thing and tried not to suck too much

This last weekend was a PNW Blogger meetup. The event was put together by Mandy from Harper's Happenings, Chelsea from The Paper Mama, and Melissa from Hi Baby, who did an awesome job. There was a daytime event for families at Greenlake Park and a nighttime event just for the bloggers, at Telaricos (which I hadn't been to in quite awhile, but I really like.)
I thought the daytime event would be good cause I'd have Q with me as sort of a distraction. Turns out all I was really able to do was chase him around (HA HA-Blog Title! oh, to laugh) while everyone else chatted. I felt so stupid. Eventually Shawn came back, so I was able to try and chat a little while he wrangled the little man. Of course everyone was SUPER nice but, by my own fault completely, I felt out of place. This isn't a new thing for me though, in new situations, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

After that Shawn and I got breakfast-lunch. Pancakes helped and I decided to still go to the nighttime event. Then it was back home for a little while, and a slight wardrobe change. Then out to West Seattle with Tenacious D on the radio courtesy of Shawn, which I'm surprised didn't cause me to say lewd, inappropriate things all night.

Anyway, there was pizza, prizes, a photographer & a photobooth (the pics are sooo funny! I couldn't gather up my nerve to take a silly picture myself- boooo me) and lots of awesome ladies to chat with. And although I didn't make my way around to meet any people, those I did get to meet were lovely, as I'm sure everyone was.

A few pictures, courtesy of Jessica May Photography :

HUGE Pizzas

Awesome prizes, none of which went home with me (BTW- I missed most of what was going on while these were being handed out because some drunk dude kept trying to ask me what was going on. I explained it, like 3 times, but he was not getting it. He came back to me again later and asked again. Random. He was probably just trying to meet some hot ladies, so I guess I can't blame him.)

Cool people

Dorks (okay, maybe just the one) (I'm trying to decide if anyone would notice if I ate the whole thing)

I didn't take many pictures myself, but I wore cute shoes:

And I wore makeup (gasp!)

And here's my little name tag that I ripped in half at some point (and I wasn't even drinking)

I'm glad I decided to go. Sounds like lots of other ladies were a little nervous too. I'll definitely go next time around and just unleash my weirdness on everyone. Well, maybe after a drink or 3. Look out! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

This is not my first time

Blogging I mean. What did you think I meant? Anyways, weirdo. So before this I've had, oh about 5 blog attempts in the past. The first was a Live Journal. Remember Live Journal? Yeah, well I had a paid account for about a year and posted maybe 10 times. Fail. I think there was something on Diaryland too, but I'm not sure if I ever really posted there. Then came MySpace. Remember MySpace? Hahaha.... Anyway, I blogged there for awhile. I went to check what the hell I ever blogged, but mostly it was those questioners and maybe song lyrics when I was feeling especially lame and emo. Then a Blogger blog that got three posts before I got pregnant and stopped. Which is dumb, cause that would have been a great time to start documenting things that I've now probably forgotten. Then I had a New Years Resolution! That was to blog and take more pictures. So a Tumblr account was created. And quickly was forgotten. So. Huh. Did I have a point? Maybe not. But I will say that I obviously have this desire to write silly things and document things in my life. So even though I may quit again, I'm really trying this time. Onto another week of trying.  Fingers crossed for me?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week in pics

Jumping on the bandwagon and posting my cell phone pics from the week. Kind of took a lot more pictures than usual this week, so it's a bit of a photo dump.

Shawn Decorates, Waiting for the Bus, Wait-People have looked at this thing?!
Out to dinner, cute baby, angry baby
New couch, breakfast time
Slight donut addiction, songs for the bus ride home
New clothes
Time for work, waiting for the bus (again)
Afternoon ice cream break
Shawn pretends to be serious, Q at lunch
Looks like fall, City Breakfast
Shawn checks football scores, Keeping Q warm

Clearly I need to work on the formatting of pictures. But I'm tired and if I try and figure it out now, I'll never get this posted.  So there you go. Pregosaurus sleep now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Five

So I'm stealing this from Sarah Dessen. I personally love weekly recap or list posts and thought I'd give it a shot. 5 seems like a reasonable number of things to come up with. So here we go:

1) Tomorrow is the PNW Blogger meetup. As of right now I'm still planning on going. But it's very possible I'll be a chicken shit and not go. Although Shawn says he's dropping me off no matter what. Fingers crossed for me?

2) This week I had to break down and buy MORE maternity clothes. Which totally sucks, since I only have 2 and half months to go. But I didn't really want to bust out of my pants so it had to be done. On the plus side, in addition to new pants for work,  I got a super cute and cozy coat to get me though the end of November. And also a shirt I love love love. However it was a fortune and I returned it. In it's place I bought three more that altogether were less than the one.

3) WHY can't I stop eating the top pot donuts from Starbucks? I usually don't like them at all, but lately? ALMOST EVERY DAY! It's a problem.

4) After a few mostly decent summer-like weeks, we seem to have entered fall weather. I would be sad, but I feel like I can't really enjoy summer as much as I want to anyway, being at work all day. Then again, maybe just a few more nice weekend days?

5) Signs I should start wearing until the baby is born:
-No we don't have a name picked out and probably won't until he's born.
-Yes, I am big. I'm growing a human. You would be to.
-I am not disappointed I'm having a boy. Seriously. So you don't have to be either. I'd love to have a girl some day, but I wouldn't be making babies if I didn't want another boy.
Okay, rant over. I know people mean well, and I'm sure I've said all these things to pregnant ladies too. I promise to keep answering them with a smile and a thank you for asking. Some days it's just a little exhausting answering the same questions over and over again.

Whew! I made it! Happy Friday lovelies!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Extra Wide, my A$$

So this week the grandparents took Q to have his feet measured and see if he's outgrown his current shoes. Turns out, he has. He's now a 7 EXTRA WIDE. I believe he was also told he has really big feet. First of all, Extra Wide? That's a thing? Secondly- How can a baby have EXTRA wide feet? He's just a baby. He has tiny, cute baby feets. But I suppose he might grow out of it, right?  Also, this is clearly all my fault. I think I'm just mad that I'll have to listen to my husband make fun of us and our big feet the rest of our lives.
Now tell me, do these look like anything other than the most adorable things you've ever seen? (Please to ignore you can't actually tell how big they are because of his long pants, and that this is basically a picture of his toes)

Also someone told me to write this post, but I think my outrage is more funny in person. Cause, you know, I'm crazy and stuff.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quinn- 16 months (a few weeks late; or 17 months a week early)

I've been bad about keeping track of milestones and such (though really, the fact that I have a baby book that's half full is amazing.) So here we go:

At this point Q would still rather spend all his time running (and I do mean RUNNING) or trying to climb on stuff, than talk. As of this weekend I can identify the following "words" used somewhat infrequently:

More- along with signing it. And after the first time said, volume and urgency increases 10 fold each time until he gets MORE DAMMIT!
Dada- which seems to now have a connection to Shawn, which is fun. I try to get him to yell it all the time, but he mostly ignores me.
Mama- He still mostly says this when eating. So I'm still not entirely convinced he doesn't think "mama" is food.
Ak- Off/on. He's says this whenever we play the light switch game. You know, letting him turn the light on and off until my arms feel like they're going to fall off from holding him up.
Ga- Sure it doesn't seem like a word. But we realized he says this every time he seems a ball, or a balloon.
Kitty- I think. He said it or a version of it a couple times this weekend when Zeke the cat made an appearance. I think.
Clap Clap- I'm still counting this even though he only said it once. But it was so CLEAR and well spoken!

I think he occasionally says "dis" for this but I'm still not sure. And he says stuff all the time that sounds like "hi" or "hey" but he'll never repeat if you ask him to, so who knows.

We're getting into the tantrum-y period now, which isn't fun. His form of anger release is throwing things of course. If nothing is close by, he will seek out something to throw. Fun! It's not too bad yet, but we're close I'm sure.

He's become the best little sleeper ever! We were down to one bottle a day, just before bed. We were afraid to take it away, but decided it was time to start. He could care less apparently. Now when we're ready to put him down, Shawn and I take him to his room *try* to give him hugs and kisses. He just wants to be put down in his bed. Most nights he rolls onto his belly, pulls his baby under his arm and is good to go. AMAZING!  We've also managed to get the binkie to a night time only thing (haha! just realized the picture in this post Q has a binkie. Whoops. I guess MOST of the time it's night only.) Apparently sometimes things are more crutches for parents then kids.

The last few days we've found that he's learned to tell us he's thirsty by making the "ahhh" sound one usually makes after a particularly refreshing drink (which he also does every time he takes a drink.)

He's still dragging me from room to room when he wants me to do something for him, or to play. Not quite as effective as words, but he lets us know what he wants.

He's started to give arms around the neck hugs, which is just the cutest thing ever. And I've lately gotten a smooch or two out of him. He's stingy tho.

He seems more interested in reading now. In fact when furniture shopping last weekend he spent a good 10 minutes obsessed with looking at the fact sheet for a leather sofa I was having a bit of a rest on. I'm trying to leave books ever where for him to help encourage this.

He's started making a lot of strange faces. It's fun to try and figure out what the hell it is he's thinking about.

So while we're getting to that trying toddler stage, he's pretty much a happy, funny & awesome little guy. And we're constantly amazed how lucky we are.

 Q's new fashion statement- bed head, sleepy eyes and "The Ove Glove"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's try this

Blogging from my phone. Let's see how this works and if it helps me post more often...

And of course, a pic of q...
I can't believe how big he seems now.