Thursday, September 22, 2011

PNW Blogger meetup, or that time I went to a thing and tried not to suck too much

This last weekend was a PNW Blogger meetup. The event was put together by Mandy from Harper's Happenings, Chelsea from The Paper Mama, and Melissa from Hi Baby, who did an awesome job. There was a daytime event for families at Greenlake Park and a nighttime event just for the bloggers, at Telaricos (which I hadn't been to in quite awhile, but I really like.)
I thought the daytime event would be good cause I'd have Q with me as sort of a distraction. Turns out all I was really able to do was chase him around (HA HA-Blog Title! oh, to laugh) while everyone else chatted. I felt so stupid. Eventually Shawn came back, so I was able to try and chat a little while he wrangled the little man. Of course everyone was SUPER nice but, by my own fault completely, I felt out of place. This isn't a new thing for me though, in new situations, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

After that Shawn and I got breakfast-lunch. Pancakes helped and I decided to still go to the nighttime event. Then it was back home for a little while, and a slight wardrobe change. Then out to West Seattle with Tenacious D on the radio courtesy of Shawn, which I'm surprised didn't cause me to say lewd, inappropriate things all night.

Anyway, there was pizza, prizes, a photographer & a photobooth (the pics are sooo funny! I couldn't gather up my nerve to take a silly picture myself- boooo me) and lots of awesome ladies to chat with. And although I didn't make my way around to meet any people, those I did get to meet were lovely, as I'm sure everyone was.

A few pictures, courtesy of Jessica May Photography :

HUGE Pizzas

Awesome prizes, none of which went home with me (BTW- I missed most of what was going on while these were being handed out because some drunk dude kept trying to ask me what was going on. I explained it, like 3 times, but he was not getting it. He came back to me again later and asked again. Random. He was probably just trying to meet some hot ladies, so I guess I can't blame him.)

Cool people

Dorks (okay, maybe just the one) (I'm trying to decide if anyone would notice if I ate the whole thing)

I didn't take many pictures myself, but I wore cute shoes:

And I wore makeup (gasp!)

And here's my little name tag that I ripped in half at some point (and I wasn't even drinking)

I'm glad I decided to go. Sounds like lots of other ladies were a little nervous too. I'll definitely go next time around and just unleash my weirdness on everyone. Well, maybe after a drink or 3. Look out! 

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