Monday, September 19, 2011

This is not my first time

Blogging I mean. What did you think I meant? Anyways, weirdo. So before this I've had, oh about 5 blog attempts in the past. The first was a Live Journal. Remember Live Journal? Yeah, well I had a paid account for about a year and posted maybe 10 times. Fail. I think there was something on Diaryland too, but I'm not sure if I ever really posted there. Then came MySpace. Remember MySpace? Hahaha.... Anyway, I blogged there for awhile. I went to check what the hell I ever blogged, but mostly it was those questioners and maybe song lyrics when I was feeling especially lame and emo. Then a Blogger blog that got three posts before I got pregnant and stopped. Which is dumb, cause that would have been a great time to start documenting things that I've now probably forgotten. Then I had a New Years Resolution! That was to blog and take more pictures. So a Tumblr account was created. And quickly was forgotten. So. Huh. Did I have a point? Maybe not. But I will say that I obviously have this desire to write silly things and document things in my life. So even though I may quit again, I'm really trying this time. Onto another week of trying.  Fingers crossed for me?

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