Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week in pics

Jumping on the bandwagon and posting my cell phone pics from the week. Kind of took a lot more pictures than usual this week, so it's a bit of a photo dump.

Shawn Decorates, Waiting for the Bus, Wait-People have looked at this thing?!
Out to dinner, cute baby, angry baby
New couch, breakfast time
Slight donut addiction, songs for the bus ride home
New clothes
Time for work, waiting for the bus (again)
Afternoon ice cream break
Shawn pretends to be serious, Q at lunch
Looks like fall, City Breakfast
Shawn checks football scores, Keeping Q warm

Clearly I need to work on the formatting of pictures. But I'm tired and if I try and figure it out now, I'll never get this posted.  So there you go. Pregosaurus sleep now.

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