Friday, October 28, 2011

Flashback Friday

This is a thing people do, right? The Flashback Friday? I'm sure I've seen it and since all I do are steal other people's post ideas, why not this one too.
I recently logged into my Tumblr account for the first time in ages and was looking through the few little posts I'd put out there. There was my 5 month update on Q, and so I thought I'd share it here.

(This post was originally written on 10/6/10 )

Five Months

I see this a lot on the mommy blogs I love so much, so I’m going to give it a whirl.
Dear Quinn,
My goodness, 5 months already! I can hardly believe it. It’s ridiculous how much growing and learning you’re doing, and I know that will only get to be more and more.
Dad and I discovered you’re starting to sit up a bit on your own now. Just for a few seconds, but it’s very cool. Especially since you can do it a little bit without putting your hands on the floor in front of you to balance.
You’ve got 2 tiny little sharp teeth, bottom middle. You gave me a good chomp the other day. Just see if I let you use my hand as a teething ring anymore. : )
You’ve decided that you love to grab EVERYTHING. You see something and you want it NOW. Sometimes I have to hold you so tight to keep you from leaping out of my arms to acquire a desired object.
We’re moving right along with “solid” food. You’ve had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, apples, pears, carrots and bananas You LOVE bananas and carrots.
You’re so much better about being held now. You’ll sit in our laps, or if we’re standing, on our hips.
You just love your jumper. So glad we got it for you. You’re always moving your little legs like you want to jump, even when we’re holding you.
Sleep has been a challenge lately. I think you got thrown off schedule with teething and have yet to get back to something a little more reasonable. You’re quite fond of waking up around 3 or 4am and wanting to jump and talk and play. Not cool dude. Not cool.
I do believe you love naked time. You’re always smiling and laughing when we take your clothes off to change you or for a bath. Perhaps you’ll be one of those little guys that rips his clothes off and runs around nakey?
You seem to recognize us now, and get all smiley when you see us. Sometimes when I get home from work you’ll be hanging out on the couch with dad. And when you see me I get the biggest smiles! LOVE. IT.  You’re just in love with dad. You watch him all the time, when he’s sitting with us, or walking in an out of the room. Clearly you two will be best buds.
You’ve started to show displeasure when you can’t have what you want. Last night you saw a CD on the side of the couch and tried to grab it, dropping the toy you had for this new shiny treasure. When I moved you away you got a bit angry. It’s hilarious. Well, for now. I’m sure I’ll get sick of it really quick.
You love to stare at lights, the alarm clock, the window- really any difference between light and dark. You get a dazed look on your face like a stoned little hippy. Good one.
You’re such a happy little guy. We’re still working on getting laughs out of you. We can get them sometimes, and they so damn cute. You may hold out on the laughs occasionally, but you’re always smiling. And now with those bottom little teeth? It kills me. I’ll miss those gummy smiles, but I can see toothy smiles will be just as cute.
We’re having so much fun with you little man. I’m sad to see you growing so much all the time, but equally excited for your next stages. We love, love, LOVE you honey bunny.

Friday Five (the I'm so... so scared! edition)

Here we go again my dears!
1) So this is going to be quite a weekend, as I'll be a solo mama until Sunday evening. Shawn had to go out of town. He left yesterday morning after dropping Q off to day care. This the longest we've been apart, and thus the longest I've been left alone with Q. dun dun dun....  Okay, so maybe being alone with my own kid for 3 days shouldn't be so scary. But. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Which means it's hard to move and I'm cranky & easily irritated. Plus Q is 1 1/2. Enough said, right? Annnnd... Um. I don't drive. Yeah, I know. Weird. Whatev. But that means we're kind of stuck at home for the most part. And of course my whole thing of trying not to let him watch any TV for his first couple of years has backfired on me, because he has only moderate interest in it now. So no throwing on Mickey Mouse for 30 minutes of peace. Hold me. At least I'll have some friends over and helping out. phew

2) Um, is there anything else to say? ALONE WITH MY KID! FOR THREE DAYS!  Oh, you single mama's (including my own) (and sahm's for that matter)  I bow down to you.

3) The baby's room is painted and ready to go! (Well, we have to hang the blinds and closet doors back up. Oh, and we didn't get around to new trim or adding crown molding, but we'll deal with that eventually.)  I'd planned on using my last vacation day (TODAY!) to start washing baby clothes and getting things ready. But well, that isn't gonna happen. Still, I feel like we're a little closer to being ready.

4) You know what occurred to me at 3 in the morning a few days ago? I should probably have a hospital bag ready soon. FIRST time I've thought of it this whole pregnancy. Last time I had a list, and read people's suggestions on what was and wasn't necessary. This time? Oh, right.... I'm having a baby! I almost forgot. And then of course I realized I hadn't though about clothes to bring for the baby. I'm not overly concerned about that whole "outfit to come home in". But I do want to make sure we have something cute for hospital pictures. And, yes, that means I went shopping this week and bought a few cute new things. What? He can't wear hand-me-down's for his special pictures! (which by the way are a total rip off, and we totally couldn't afford them last time, but a family member got the CD of them for us.) If nothing else I'LL be taking a billion pictures.

5) I'd posted something this week to FB or Twitter (or, fine, probably both) about Q seeing pictures of Spongebob at stores and such and saying 'Dada'. Which I found endlessly amusing. Because Shawn is quite fond of watching Spongebob. But really it's not on that often in our house. And like I mentioned earlier, Q doesn't pay much attention to the TV unless there's a song playing. Then we found out that our daycare person (we use an in home daycare) has an older son that watches Spongebob in the morning before he goes to school, so Q sees a bit of it. And she was telling us he's trying to say Spongebob. So we asked him to repeat both 'Dada' and 'Spongebob' and it turns out there is a slight difference between what he says. Still sounds like Dada to me. But I do find it adorable that one of the 10 words he says is Spongebob.

Have a happy weekend, see you on the other side. I hope. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordlessl{ish} Wednesday

Turns out Q really is a better eater when we're able to sit at the table and eat with him. Guess all that mumbo jumbo about sitting down together as a family might be kinda right...

Cheesy eggs!
Cut it out dad, I'm trying to eat!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quinn- 18 Months Old

Before I had a kid I never understood why parents would give you their children's age in months, after the they turned 1. Why are you making me do math crazy person? I get it now. Although I try not to use months unless I'm talking to another mom (I just say he's 1) I now know what a difference there is between 14 months and 18 months. They change so damn quickly all the time. It's awesome and crappy all at the same time. I'll try and keep the "My BABY!" wailing to a minimum.

So we just had his 18 month Checkup. He's very tall, average weight and has a little-ish head.We got to talk to the doctor about the upcoming challenges we'll be facing and... discipline. Yikesa!
Weight: 26lbs 3 1/2oz
Height: 34 1/4 in
Having a read while waiting for the doc

Here's a little about Mr. Q now:
I'm getting some very clear "mamas" out of him now. He still doesn't really call for me or look at me and say it. But he will repeat it back very clearly. When he feels like it. Same with 'Dada'. Though he will now point to Shawn when I ask him where Dada is.  He has a word for kitty that pretty much just sounds like 'Key'. And the last few days I've realized he has something he says every time he sees fish. It's sounds a bit like his word for Kitty though.  He's saying 'Go' and always WITH FEELING. GOOOO! And he is obsessed with balls, so anytime he sees something round it's "Ga GA!!!"  'More' is still said with urgency while signing the word, but he is signing 'Please' now, which is adorable. And we've been getting a lot of sweet 'Uh oh's lately.

He making different animal noises, though once he learns a new one he sometimes gives up an old one. Except 'Woof Woof' which is his favorite. The buzzing bee noise he makes is pretty adorable. His duck is hilarious. I can't even describe it, but lets just say it took awhile before it sounded like anything someone besides Shawn and I, would be able to identify as a duck. I believe he has sounds for Bird & Pig now. And lately when he makes a Cow sound it  is LOUD. Maybe caused by seeing cows in real life, what were ridiculously loud?
Draging around his new barn toy after a bath

He seems to "discover" things a lot. Which basically means he points at things a lot and says "Oh!" Mostly it happens with lights or the TV. You should see him when we pass the lighting department at Home Depot.  "oh, OH OH OH!!"


Tantrums are in FULL effect. And the screaming crying? This weekend it was like he cranked it up about a billion notches. My poor, poor ears. Time to practice that discipline we talked to the doctor about. Yea for time outs!

But on the flip side he's become much more affectionate lately. All thanks to a new friend a daycare. There's another little guy there, a couple months older than Q and he's quite affectionate. Tackles Q every morning with hugs. (I haven't seen this as Shawn does the drop off to daycare, but it's apparently quite adorable.)

So new challenges and new fun! Here's a few more pictures of my sweet boy

Um, this is not my stroller. What are you doing to me? (in the mall stroller)

On a merry go round!

Hanging out with the dog

Sweet sleeping boy

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five

Okay, so even though I had a day off this week, but I'm super ready for the weekend. SO HAPPY FREAKIN FRIDAY!

1) You know what I really don't like and just sends me on my day in a bad mood? Having the 10 minutes I get with my kid in the morning spent struggling to get him in a diaper while he cries and kicks and bucks and pulls and just generally acts like a jerk. And then refuses to let me put his jacket on. And basically is just grumpy. I get it, toddlers are a pain in the butt, but when I have precious little time with him and he's being annoying, it gets me all annoyed. He's lucky he's so cute. And he just better be all sweetness and love this evening, or else.... Well, or else nothing really I suppose.

2) It turns out it's really hard coming up with 5 things every week, when I spend a majority of my time at work. Which is 1- Not really interesting to people that don't do the same thing I do (And maybe not even to them) and B- my job revolves around customers and confidentiality so I can't really be blabbing about it all over the place.

3) I said last week that we needed to get a Halloween costume for Q. Yeah, that didn't happen so I really want to make sure we do that this weekend. I'll be very sad if we can't figure something out. We did find a tail from a devil costume I wore one year and put that on him. He quite likes having a tail, though prefers when we put it in the front so he can see it and swing it around. If he wasn't 1 that would probably seem much dirtier.

4) This week I had a doctor appointment and I ended up having to bring Q with me. By the time the nurse saw us he was getting pretty tired and cranky. So when she tried to take my blood pressure he scowled at her and tried to push the arm cuff away. The nurse left and we waited for the Dr to come in, and I was holding Q in my lap. Dr came in and while I was talking to her he clung to my neck and scowled at her. Then while I was awkwardly laying down sort of holding Q at my side, so the Dr could measure mah belly and get the babies heartbeat, Q just gave her a dirty look the whole time and was not pleased. This was the first time she'd seen him since she had to cut his unwilling self out of my body. Nice impression Q, real nice. This was the nice lady that evicted you from my belly 10 days past your due date. Give her a smile will ya?

5) Is it bad that the baby is due in 38 days and I've yet to even unpack baby clothes? In fact there is absolutely nothing ready for this baby. His room isn't painted all the way, we haven't put together the bassinet (We don't even have a crib yet), changing table is still in Q's room... just not ready at all. Guess maybe that is what we should work on this weekend?

Hmm, perhaps I have a busy weekend ahead of me? Better get started!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordlessly{ish} Wednesday

"Oh, don't mind me. Just thought I'd run around nakey after my bath and try to get in your room. Dad said I could!"  Guess I'll put your naked butt (but just your butt, I'm not THAT mean) on the internet then.

Also- oh my gosh, he almost has the doorknobs figured out. Better break out the annoying doorknob guards.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday Five (on a Saturday, whoops!)

Okay, so I haven't posted in a week. And sure, this was supposed to be a Friday Five. But I have a good reasons!

1) I've been fighting a cold for over a week now. Really sucks when there's not much you can take. I miss my beloved Advil cold and sinus! I avoided the Sudafed as long as possible, but finally broke down and took some, which helps a little. And now I have a 3 day weekend, so hopefully that will help.

2) Holy shitsnacks is this third trimester kicking my ass. I am so frackin tired! And my back? Killing me! I'm sure it was this bad last time around too, but you kinda forget a little. Only 45 days (or like, 35ish would be cool with me) left! Scary!

3) Speaking of scary, seriously? Two kids. I've been thinking about it more and more as we get closer and closer. And I can't even fathom what that will be like. And even though we wanted the kids to be close in age (and also to finish having kids before we're too old and decrepit) Q is still so little. Just 1 & a half this weekend! We clearly are out of out minds.

4) Speaking of kid numero dos, we're still working on a name for the little guy. It's stressing me out a little cause I'm afraid we won't come up with anything I really love. And then of course I stumble upon an article about parents regretting the names they chose for their kids. Some who even decided to legally change them. Oh, the pressure! Feel free to leave any suggestions, but I reserve the right to make fun of them. Haha

5) This weekend is for decorating for Halloween finally. And finding a costume for Q. I don't think he'll tolerate anything on his face or head, so we'll have to really think hard to come up with something good.

Okay! So it's late, but I did it! Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

Looks like we won't be using this costume after all.(if you can't tell the pants stop at about the knees and back doesn't completely come together)
We saw these cute gnome costumes at Target last year, but they didn't have the right size for Q (6 months) at the time. After Halloween we found a 12-24 month in the clearance section and snatched it up, hoping that at 18 months Q would fit in it this year. He did not. I let him walk around in it for awhile mostly because I could not stop laughing. Besides not fitting, Q did not like the hat. I couldn't even get it on his head. I tried putting it on his dolls heads and my own, but he'd just scowl at me and try and swat it off. He was not pleased. Guess we need to start looking for something else.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Off to The Farm we go!

This past weekend we decided it was time to get out of the house and enjoy a fall activity. Some good ole fashioned fall family fun damn it! (Sorry, channeling my inner Clark Griswold there.) We decided to go to one of our favorite fall stops, The Farm.

They have a corn maze, pumpkin patch, a few animals you can pet, a pig show. It's pretty cool. We go every year, but it's so different now that we have Q and he's getting old enough to have fun (last year he was only about 6 months old, tho we got some great pictures there of him in his Halloween costume).  This year we got to see some animals up close and practice our animal sounds.

 He was doing good until we got to the cows, which I thought he'd love, as he's quite fond of his cow sounds. Turns out they were pretty young and had just been weaned. There was a lot of LOUD mooing from them. Q was a little freaked out and kept scowling and holding on tighter to Shawn. We came back later when they'd quieted down, but as we mooed to get Quinn to give it a shot, I think we got them worked up again. Whoops. We decided to head over to the pumpkin patch and pick some 'Ga's!' (which is what Q calls anything round.)

We did find a couple of little pumpkins to take home

Oh, and I did try and get a nice picture of Q & Shawn.

That picture cracks me up! We had a great time and the weather was so perfect. This has become one of my very favorite traditions. Hopefully we'll get back this year for a trip through the corn maze.  Oh, and because I can't resist, a few pictures from last year.