Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five

Okay, so even though I had a day off this week, but I'm super ready for the weekend. SO HAPPY FREAKIN FRIDAY!

1) You know what I really don't like and just sends me on my day in a bad mood? Having the 10 minutes I get with my kid in the morning spent struggling to get him in a diaper while he cries and kicks and bucks and pulls and just generally acts like a jerk. And then refuses to let me put his jacket on. And basically is just grumpy. I get it, toddlers are a pain in the butt, but when I have precious little time with him and he's being annoying, it gets me all annoyed. He's lucky he's so cute. And he just better be all sweetness and love this evening, or else.... Well, or else nothing really I suppose.

2) It turns out it's really hard coming up with 5 things every week, when I spend a majority of my time at work. Which is 1- Not really interesting to people that don't do the same thing I do (And maybe not even to them) and B- my job revolves around customers and confidentiality so I can't really be blabbing about it all over the place.

3) I said last week that we needed to get a Halloween costume for Q. Yeah, that didn't happen so I really want to make sure we do that this weekend. I'll be very sad if we can't figure something out. We did find a tail from a devil costume I wore one year and put that on him. He quite likes having a tail, though prefers when we put it in the front so he can see it and swing it around. If he wasn't 1 that would probably seem much dirtier.

4) This week I had a doctor appointment and I ended up having to bring Q with me. By the time the nurse saw us he was getting pretty tired and cranky. So when she tried to take my blood pressure he scowled at her and tried to push the arm cuff away. The nurse left and we waited for the Dr to come in, and I was holding Q in my lap. Dr came in and while I was talking to her he clung to my neck and scowled at her. Then while I was awkwardly laying down sort of holding Q at my side, so the Dr could measure mah belly and get the babies heartbeat, Q just gave her a dirty look the whole time and was not pleased. This was the first time she'd seen him since she had to cut his unwilling self out of my body. Nice impression Q, real nice. This was the nice lady that evicted you from my belly 10 days past your due date. Give her a smile will ya?

5) Is it bad that the baby is due in 38 days and I've yet to even unpack baby clothes? In fact there is absolutely nothing ready for this baby. His room isn't painted all the way, we haven't put together the bassinet (We don't even have a crib yet), changing table is still in Q's room... just not ready at all. Guess maybe that is what we should work on this weekend?

Hmm, perhaps I have a busy weekend ahead of me? Better get started!

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