Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quinn- 18 Months Old

Before I had a kid I never understood why parents would give you their children's age in months, after the they turned 1. Why are you making me do math crazy person? I get it now. Although I try not to use months unless I'm talking to another mom (I just say he's 1) I now know what a difference there is between 14 months and 18 months. They change so damn quickly all the time. It's awesome and crappy all at the same time. I'll try and keep the "My BABY!" wailing to a minimum.

So we just had his 18 month Checkup. He's very tall, average weight and has a little-ish head.We got to talk to the doctor about the upcoming challenges we'll be facing and... discipline. Yikesa!
Weight: 26lbs 3 1/2oz
Height: 34 1/4 in
Having a read while waiting for the doc

Here's a little about Mr. Q now:
I'm getting some very clear "mamas" out of him now. He still doesn't really call for me or look at me and say it. But he will repeat it back very clearly. When he feels like it. Same with 'Dada'. Though he will now point to Shawn when I ask him where Dada is.  He has a word for kitty that pretty much just sounds like 'Key'. And the last few days I've realized he has something he says every time he sees fish. It's sounds a bit like his word for Kitty though.  He's saying 'Go' and always WITH FEELING. GOOOO! And he is obsessed with balls, so anytime he sees something round it's "Ga GA!!!"  'More' is still said with urgency while signing the word, but he is signing 'Please' now, which is adorable. And we've been getting a lot of sweet 'Uh oh's lately.

He making different animal noises, though once he learns a new one he sometimes gives up an old one. Except 'Woof Woof' which is his favorite. The buzzing bee noise he makes is pretty adorable. His duck is hilarious. I can't even describe it, but lets just say it took awhile before it sounded like anything someone besides Shawn and I, would be able to identify as a duck. I believe he has sounds for Bird & Pig now. And lately when he makes a Cow sound it  is LOUD. Maybe caused by seeing cows in real life, what were ridiculously loud?
Draging around his new barn toy after a bath

He seems to "discover" things a lot. Which basically means he points at things a lot and says "Oh!" Mostly it happens with lights or the TV. You should see him when we pass the lighting department at Home Depot.  "oh, OH OH OH!!"


Tantrums are in FULL effect. And the screaming crying? This weekend it was like he cranked it up about a billion notches. My poor, poor ears. Time to practice that discipline we talked to the doctor about. Yea for time outs!

But on the flip side he's become much more affectionate lately. All thanks to a new friend a daycare. There's another little guy there, a couple months older than Q and he's quite affectionate. Tackles Q every morning with hugs. (I haven't seen this as Shawn does the drop off to daycare, but it's apparently quite adorable.)

So new challenges and new fun! Here's a few more pictures of my sweet boy

Um, this is not my stroller. What are you doing to me? (in the mall stroller)

On a merry go round!

Hanging out with the dog

Sweet sleeping boy

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