Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

Looks like we won't be using this costume after all.(if you can't tell the pants stop at about the knees and back doesn't completely come together)
We saw these cute gnome costumes at Target last year, but they didn't have the right size for Q (6 months) at the time. After Halloween we found a 12-24 month in the clearance section and snatched it up, hoping that at 18 months Q would fit in it this year. He did not. I let him walk around in it for awhile mostly because I could not stop laughing. Besides not fitting, Q did not like the hat. I couldn't even get it on his head. I tried putting it on his dolls heads and my own, but he'd just scowl at me and try and swat it off. He was not pleased. Guess we need to start looking for something else.

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