Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Shawn!!

Okay, so Shawn's birthday was the other day (I think he likes to be secretive of his birthday, so we'll be vague) but we're going out tonight to celebrate so this works.

I'm gonna try to not be to sappy here. I suck with words and feelings anyway, so the best I'd be able to do is spout out song lyrics, and nobody wants that. BUT what I will say is, this guy? He's kinda the best.
Being all reverend-y and stuff

A small list of reasons why:
He only makes fun of me on about half of the occasions he could.
He's funny like whoa.
He's smarter than me. And probably you. And that guy too. But he never makes people feel stupid. He's not one of those showoff-y smarty pants kind of guys.
He is RIDICULOUSLY inappropriate. It's awesome and hilarious. Well except when I find out he's been talking about my lady parts to his female co-workers. Really Shawn? Really?
He rewinds the TV so I can take a picture of Joey with the Turkey on his head and Instagram it (even though he doesn't "get" instagram. (I think he thinks it's stupid. So see, he's not perfect.) )
He's the best dad our little guys could ever hope to have.
And a bunch of other junk about being sweet and kind and blah blah blah  ; )

Shawn, I know you'll probably read this eventually, so I love you sweet baby! (everyone else pretend you didn't read that.) Happy 50th Birthday!! (You're not the only one that can make jokes, chuckles.)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to share this "Handburger" Q made me. I have no idea why he was calling it that, and it caused a lot of confusion in the car trying to figure out what he so desperately wanted to show me.

It was RIDICULOUSLY hard to get him to stand still. But look how proud!

This silly little guy, his baby brother & my awesome husband give me an awful lot to be thankful for. 
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Five

1. The funniest thing on the Internet this week? Pamela Ribon's post about about a massage she recently got. Click at your own risk, it's hilarious but gross. (I also recommend actually listening to the audio of her telling the story.)
Oh, and do yourself a favor- If you haven't read her books go do that too. I finished Going in Circles a couple months ago and loved it. I have the new one, You Take it from Here, on my nightstand right now. And I read Why Girls Are Weird years and years ago and loved it so much.

2. After Q finished eating dinner the other day he was a little bit messy. Not Shawn's favorite thing, touching disgusting kids. So he pulled Q's chair away from the table and told him "Don't touch anything!" What did Q do? He, with one little pointer finger, touched Shawn's arm and said "Touch!"

3. Archer is walking like crazy now. I forgot how cute this stage is, when they start walking but they are still just getting the hang of it, so they're a bit wobbly. Pretty fun.

4. I seriously had a moment of confusion this week upon realizing Thanksgiving is next week. I am not ready for the quickness and busyness that's about to start. Shawn's birthday is about a week after thanksgiving, then a week later is Archer's birthday and party. Then I have one of my best girl's birthday, and then there we are at Xmas. Whew. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I think I need to schedule a happy hour/gno or three in between all of that. Because you know, booze.

5. And to end this post another picture of my boys together being adorable. This was Q trying to wake Archer up yesterday morning, which pretty much involved him yelling "Wake up Arch!" in Archer's face.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Five

1. The other day while I was making dinner (Okay, okay- I don't really cook, so basically I was probably making a Pb&J for Q and heating a jar of food for Archer. Mother of the year award to meeeee!)  I heard Q saying "I'm really proud of you Arch! I'm really proud of you! Good Job Arch!" When I peeked out he was giving him a hug. I have no idea. And I really have no idea how I'm typing this. You know, with the being dead from the cute and all.

2. Family pictures this weekend! I'm so excited. Well, and also worried. Besides not knowing yet what we're all wearing, I'm going to have to do my hair & makeup which are not my strong suits. Annnnd, I need to practice my non-fake smile and not slouching. I swear I look like a hunch back in every. single. wedding picture we have. Straighten it up Quasi!

3. This picture. I was just walking out of my room and looked across the hall to see Archer hugging Q. So.

4. On the other side of that total sweetness above, Archer has been a little pain about letting me feed him lately. He gets all angry and rocks back and forth in his chair, slamming his back as hard as he can against the seat. Yeah, crazytown. So the other night I handed him the spoon and let him dip it in the food himself. He was quite pleased and made a gigantic mess. Then last night it was pretty clear he was ready to do the same thing again. So we have a big boy on our hands I guess. Mr. fancy pants thinks he so big and special and can feed himself now because he's almost one. pshaw

I'm not even going to tell you how we got him cleaned up. But it may have involved sticking the entire chair with the seat & Archer still in it, into the shower.
Notice the whole hand going in the bowl along with the spoon. Awesome.

5. I started getting the invitations filled out this week for Archer's 1st birthday. I just can't believe he's almost one. It just went way too fast. We're doing a Dr.Seuss/Cat in the Hat theme, mostly because Shawn found invitations in the dollar bins at Target. So if you have any good ideas that fit that theme, let me know. Sadly we don't have a lot of friends with kids. So it's mostly be a bunch of adults standing around wondering how they got talked into going to a one year old's party, haha.

Okay, Happy Friday all! I'm off to let Pinterest make me feel inadequate about my party throwing skills.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Yes!

I am not going to go all political here, especially the day after an election. BUT- there is one result that I'm pretty damn happy about. I don't believe it's been officially called yet (So fingers are still tightly crossed), but it looks like the Same Sex Marriage referendum here in Washington state will pass!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PNW Blogger Meetup

Saturday was the PNW Blogger Holiday Party put together by the fabulous Paper Mama. Now I've already mentioned how nerve racking this whole thing was for me. Add on top of that having to have my husband drive me (OMG Can I just get a license already?! What the freaking frack is WRONG with me?!) and cart the kiddos with us? I was feeling like maybe it was all too much work for a little blogger meetup.

Well, first of all, it was not little. 75-80 people attended. Yeah. And you know what? I totally think it was worth it. Look, I'm not a writer and have no aspirations to be one. At best I'm a documentarian-y person. Just go with it. The point is, I don't really feel the need to network or grow my blog or crap like that. I just want to post pictures of my kids and silly stories so I don't forget. BUT- I do want to meet people and be part of a community. I know. Throw up. But it's true. And of course, the whole pushing me out of my comfort level is probably beneficial.

Hey shitty drink. You better get me buzzed anyway.

 Anyway, we ended up in Portland about 20 minutes before 6. So I hopped out of the car and set off to find a bar. Two overpriced shitty drinks later, I made my way to West Elm, where the even was being held. Can we talk for a second about the awesomeness of this place? I'd seen their website, but never had been in one of their stores. (I didn't even know until last Friday that there's one in Seattle. Like I could probably walk to it on my lunch break. Oh Shit is right.) Basically I want to live in one is the thing. So I go inside and get in line to hand over my ticket and what not, and thank goodness for the lady in front of me for saying hello. It was the lovely Lindsay from Hey Normal Day who I didn't know of before, but was glad to meet someone to nice right off the bat.

Hey ladies and one dude. I'm just gonna stand here all alone and take pictures of you
I managed to talk to quite a few people. I had a pretty good stack of business cards to prove to Shawn I had. I met some really nice ladies and talked to 1 or 2 I'd met before (Carlee, Mary Ann, Kendra, Gracey, Nanette, Jess, Mandy, & probably some more people that I'm forgetting). And it sounds like plenty of people were nervous and/or didn't know anyone. So that helps. I mean, if someone is preoccupied with being nervous themselves maybe they won't notice you just started talking about testicles. Kidding. I did not talk about testicles. (I did in a meeting at work the other day though I think, which is just weird.)

Adorable Chelsea giving away stuff! Including a pair of jeans, to meeeee

This snow globe? Awesome. I though it was a gnome, but I think it's supposed to be Santa. Whatever. Gnomey should have come home with me and I have sadness that he didn't.

In summary: I had fun, I met cool people, my Blog reader is out of control now, I will totally do this again. The End.

And He Walks

Little man is officially 11 months old today. To celebrate, he started walking. On Halloween actually. How's that for a trick ; )
Here's a blurry picture to prove it. (Hey! You try taking a non blurry picture of a baby walking!) (Naked Q is watching a DVD on a little portable player and is perched up on the chair because he was trying to keep Archer from touching it.)

Monday, November 5, 2012


"I found my brother in there
Here in my heart
I found my brother in there
Hold in my arms
I love you

And if I feel too quiet now
There are no words to show you how
I love you

I often feel like the prodigal son
Take all I need
Giving back none
Our beauty shows
In such different ways
You're like the light behind the fog
so soft but still you burn my eyes away

I found my brother in there
Here in my heart
I found my brother in there
Hold in my arms
I love you

And if I feel too quiet now
There are no words to show you how
I love you

So much has changed
So much has happened these years
Still I find, you're waiting here
We have a bond
That nothing can change
Still I find a piece of mind
Whenever I hear your name
And if I feel too quiet now
There are no words to show you how
I love you"

This song by Toad the Wet Sprocket (pretty much my favorite band) has never been a favorite of mine. I've always liked it ok, and thought it was sweet. It just never struck me they way other songs did. Then all of a sudden one day it came on my ipod and I thought "Holy crap do I love this song!" Why? Oh, yeah because I have two little boys now. And honestly one of my biggest hopes for them is to be close. Not just brothers, but friends. So now when I hear this song, it gets me a little teary and I imagine my boys as grown men. And I cross my fingers tight and hope they can feel like this about each other as they grow up. Cross your fingers with me, okay?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Five: Let's Do This!

Another Friday. Another List. Woop!

1. Today I'm pretty preoccupied with plans for the PNW Blogger meetup tomorrow night. I don't know if I can actually say I have any degree of social anxiety. I know people genuinely struggle with it. But I do know this kind of thing makes me just about lose my mind from nerves. But I keep trying to push myself. So as of right now the plan is still on to go. Cross your fingers for me.

2. Although going means my husband driving me and us taking the kids with us. We weren't able to find someone to take them for the night. Oh right, and I don't drive. Have I mentioned that before? Anyway, I tried to tell my husband I could just try and give the ticket away. I mean, a four hour drive to Portland with the kiddos, him keeping them occupied for 3 hours and then another 4 hour drive home? That's kind of a lot of work for a little meetup. But we're doing it I guess.

3. In non-blogger meetup thingie news, Halloween was a success! I did not get many pictures, but I will try and share a few more later. Shawn stayed with Archer to hand out candy, while I made the rounds with Q. He was very good, said 'Trick or Treat!' at every door. Then when I prompted him to say thank you he'd say 'Happy Halloween!' instead. Close enough. We made it up and down our block and then he requested to come home. He found the poorly hidden bucket of candy the next morning and lost his mind when I didn't let him take it with us to daycare. The good thing is we gave him his bucket back last night with only 2 pieces of candy in it and he didn't seem to realize 8000 pieces were missing. Bucket of Candy? Don't mind if I do!

4. So I made a comment to a co-worker yesterday afternoon that Q has yet to have complete meltdown, scream the house down tantrums yet. Well that was a big fat mistake. Because of course he had the mother of meltdowns last night. In public. I was at the mall trying to find a shirt. I was letting him walk along beside me and he was being pretty good checking out the CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS (Just don't. I can't even handle that.) Then we were in a store near it's entrance to the mall. And little dude freaked his freak when I turned to walk in the other direction (like more into the store, away from the mall). He wouldn't come with me, so I took his hand. Then he wouldn't walk and was doing that going limp to the floor thing. So I picked his little butt up and carried him, trying to find Shawn. Meanwhile Q is twisting and trying to get down screaming "Go that way!" as I quietly ask him to calm down. I see Shawn in the distance and just point toward the door like "I'm taking him outside" Of course outside the screaming got worse, he was yelling for Shawn, trying to get down, etc. Shawn eventually just took him to get food while I finished shopping. It was probably my fault for trying to shop when it was basically dinnertime. But man, was that bad. I'm just so afraid that we're at the beginning of a new phase and I'm scared guys.

5. I'm still recovering from Q's meltdown, and combined with my freaking out about tomorrow I can't possibly come up with #5 today. I'm sure you're sad. So.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Archer, lately

Oh boy, sweet Archer. 10 months old already. Okay, almost 11 months old. Where do I start with little Archer? Well he's still just a smiley, happy, sweet little guy. Well, you know, except when he's not. It's just that we're in a clingy phase right now. It's been getting a little better the last week or two, but for awhile there I was losing my mind. He would actually scream his head off if even Shawn tried to take him from me. It's nice to feel wanted, but that's just overkill kiddo.

Okay, so it's a shitty blurry picture, but He's SMILING

Sleep. Ah, sleep. I miss you. Archer's sleep has been getting worse lately, with him waking up as early as 11pm (He goes to bed at 8). We haven't really done much work with him on going back to sleep in his own crib, because wake ups before would be later in the night and he was younger, so I would just bring him back to bed with me to feed him. Now though? This ish has to stop. The thing is I'm just so tired and plus we have Q in the next room and I don't want Archer's fussing to wake him up. So I'm gonna work on it, swear.

Mister is really getting around these days. He crawls so freaking fast, and must be so close to walking. He loves to hold on to my hands and walk around the house. He actually comes up to me and tries to grab my hands and get me walking with him. He's been standing up on his own more and more, walking along furniture, all that. I had a dream the other night he started walking and them him and Q were jumping around. I was scared people.

He's eating like a champ, although we really need to work on giving him food to pick up and chew himself. Anything I try to give him though, he eats. Including broccoli, which I can't get Q to even look at.

Holy vocal chords mister! He likes to make a continuous noise like "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" in the car. It's loud. And long winded. And cute/really irritating.

I'm still breastfeeding, but my supply has gone way down. I don't have the energy at this point to worry too much about it. We were already supplementing with formula anyway. He gets maybe one full bottle of expressed milk during the day, but otherwise formula. I breastfeed him before bed, at night if need be, and in the morning before we get up. I'm beyond sick of being tied to my pump during the day though and am having a hard time not just ditching it before his 1st birthday.

And speaking of his 1st birthday, it's coming up way, way too quick. Trying to enjoy these last days of babyness before it's gone. Sigh. Love this little pink chunk of baby.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Happy Halloweenie!

I love Halloween. And I love that Q is now old enough to enjoy it. He's been trick or treating for weeks (walking around the house with his pumpkin bucket and putting toys in it, and calling them treats.) He's stoked to wear his dinosaur costume too! I think the actual trick or treat festivities tonight might just blow his 2 year old mind. 

Here's a little Halloween flashback:
2010: Q's first Halloween and a failed attempt to make him Shrek

2010: Trip to Dada's work, and a little mustache (I missed the application of that and apparently it was quite an ordeal)

2010: Dragon it is

2010: Trying to eat the pumpkins (They're better as pie kid!)

2011: Barely made it home in time to get this guy to the mall to check out the other kids. Cutest Skelington ever? Yes, yes he is.

2011: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA We bought this the year before hoping it would fit the next Halloween. It did not and he FREAKED out when I tried to put the hat and beard on him. HAHAHAHAHAHA

 2012: Hoping I get a good picture of this tonight! Riding a dinosaur costume!

2012: Q picked out a Chicken costume for Archer. This will probably not be happening tonight.Could barely get him in this and he refused the hat part. So he'll be revising Q's dragon from 2 years ago Probably

Whew! Lot of pictures, but I was just so excited to be able to post some today! (Let's hear it for Vacation Days and Starbucks wifi!) Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween! Have fun and stay safe!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Five: Seriously? That's all you have to say?

1. I just started to write this Friday Five with the MOST boring information. Which must be telling if the first thing I can come up with to start this list off is that I'm going to the eye doctor tonight and getting new glasses. I mean. Compelling shit, no?

2. Now I don't know where to go from here. I mean, I already admitted I don't have anything good today, so you'll know I'm faking it if I keep going.

3. Although I could just tell you I thought of something finally and it's really good, wait until you hear this.

4. But I still haven't thought of anything. At this point I'm thinking, am I really going to publish this list? This list of me saying I don't have anything to say?

5. But then again the internet is full of way more stupid stuff than this. Like this.

Haha, kidding. That was totally awesome. I just wanted to make you watch Glen Phillips. Here's some other awesome stuff I saw on the internet this week:
Telling it like it is @ Harper's Happenings
Side note: VOTE

The Paper Mama is doing the Holiday Photo Challenge again. I love seeing what people come up with.

I'd almost consider trying to come up with something but we are FINALLY getting family pictures taken by this amazing photographer and I COULD NOT be more excited! So I plan on having a nice family photo for xmas cards this year!

Yet another cute idea from Young House Love- Polka Dot Pumpkins! I totally want to do this!

Happy Friday all!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This week

Can you believe I STILL don't have internet at the house?! I mean. Come on. Thus, more blah blah blahing, and no pretty pictures.

Realized the other day that poor little Archer's room was getting pretty cold at night. Colder than the rest of the house actually. So Shawn bought a space heater yesterday to try and warm things up. And I don't know if the two are related, but for the first time in like, two weeks, Archer slept more or less through the night (4:40am to be exact). I could dance a jig from joy!

I've finally got back to reading again. The last couple of years with the having babies and all, I hadn't been reading as much. I've read a couple great books recently, and have a few more lined up (Thanks to some bday presents.) I might even blog about it. What? A post that isn't about my kids? Say what?

I really want to get out to a corn maze/ pumpkin patch soon. We were going to go a couple weekends ago, but the kids both fell asleep in the car so we kept driving. We didn't make it back that day, and I was bummed because it was PERFECT weather for it. Now we're back to the typical rainy rain and I'm afraid we'll have to sledge through the wet and the mud. Guess that just provides me the perfect opportunity to finally get my rubbers, as my mom would say. I'm speaking of rain boots, of course. AND more importantly I can finally get some for Q.

Did you see up there I said something about a birthday? Well, I had one. Again. Stupid having one every year. I'm still trying to decide if I will be one of those women that embrace my age, all "Look at me! I'm a *mumble mumble* years old woman and I love life! It's aging GLORIOUS!!" or if I've gotten to the point where I will just tell people I'm 21. My aunt was famously guarded of her age. She was an actress so of course she lied and always said she was younger than she was. One of my favorite stories of her: She was in a situation where someone needed to know her age, and not able to speak for herself at the moment the question was aimed to my uncle. Apparently the look she shot him was enough to make him stumble over his words, and I think probably lie a little. Anyway for now, we'll just say I'm thirty something. Like the show, except not. Ok fine, I'm 34. Blech.

I have gotten to the point where I really need to trim my bangs (Oh yeah, I got bangs! It's weird!) but I'm afraid to do it myself. Shawn has volunteered, but I declined that train wreck waiting to happen.
I got my nails done for the second time ever a few weeks ago, and tried the shellac polish. I freaking love it! It's perfect for me since it lasts so long and I don't really care about changing color all the time. The only problem? It does eventually wear down and needs to be redone. If anyone can think of a way to justify paying $30 every three weeks to get it redone, lemme know.

I'm going to the PNW Blogger meetup next month in Portland! Well, I should say I bought a ticket and might go. I might also freak out and come up with an excuse why I can't go. Which, let's face it, is more likely.

I'm getting to the point that while I'm not necessarily done with breastfeeding, I'm pretty done with pumping. Archer will be 1 at the beginning of December, and I might just stop pumping then. Well, if I can make it that far. I have, I hope, a post coming about that too.

This was too long, wasn't it? Oh well. It's lunchtime now, and that means wandering aimlessly through stores looking at things I can't/shouldn't buy. It's one of the awesome/sucky things about working in the city. Hope you're all having a lovely week my dearies!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Q, lately

Q is 2 1/2  today. If I think about how quickly time is speeding by I'll cry like a big blobbering blobber thing, so instead we'll just try and get through a quick update.

If you ask him to say his middle name, Montgomery, he'll say "mamagomery". Yes, it's adorable.

He can remember so many parts of so many books, it's kind of blowing my mind. We have a crap ton of books, so the fact that he is retaining so much is just so amazing to me.

Speaking of books, I took Q to the library for the first time last weekend. Mostly he was interested in the colorful rug in the children's section, and wanted to run and jump on all the letters and numbers printed on it. But he was willing to sit quietly with me to read quite a few books. Little man loves books which makes me so, so happy.

He's been very into monsters lately, which is being encouraged by Halloween. He loves to say "Oh no Dada Monster!" to try and get Shawn to chase him around the house. We're also constantly being chased by monsters and dragons when we're in the car, which makes for some very LOUD car rides.

He loves "Halloween stuff" and "trick or treats." He likes to drag his orange plastic pumpkin bucket (I wanted to buy a cute felt-y bucket, but he was of course drawn to the traditional plastic pumpkin) and put his toys in it and call them treats.

He's quite the bedtime staller and his newest thing to try? Telling me he needs to cuddle. Come. On. I've resisted so far, because I'm a monster. But I don't know, I might not be able to stop myself from pulling him out of his bed for a little snuggle the next time he asks.

When he's thirsty he doesn't need a drink, he needs a COLD drink.

He stopped saying '"Aprise!" when he means Surprise. It's kinda sad when they start saying things correctly, isn't it.

I don't think I'll tell you what he repeated after Shawn said it, but let's just say we really, really need to step up our game on watching the language. It's not even words that I'm so concerned about, but the phrases that come out of our mouths sometimes. ayeayeaye

In the last couple of weeks he has, unprompted, told me he loves me. And told me I'm the best. So, I win.

We have our tough days with him, because you know, he's 2. But mostly? This little dude is ridiculously amazing and smart and sweet and funny and silly. And I couldn't be more happy to be his mama.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Conversations w/ 2 year old

The other day in the car I asked Q what he wanted to be for Halloween. He's still just figuring out what all this means, but he's starting to get the costume part. I think.
Me: What costume do you want to wear for Halloween?
Q: Minnie!
Me: Okay. What should I be?
Q: Mickey!
Me: And what about daddy? (Holding breath... wait for it...)
Q: Goofy! (Ha! There it is!)
Me: And what about Archie?
Q: Um. Daisy!

Now if any of you can find me any of these costumes (With the exception of Minnie, which Target has) can you point me in the right direction? Lol

On the way to Denny's for a dinner of pancakes the other night I asked Q how many he was going to eat.
Q: 1, 2, 3, 4!
Me: Okay. How many do you think mama can eat?
Q: No Mama! Salad! 

Ok. Noted. Also, screw you kid! I'm eating a big ole stack of "cancakes"


Last night at dinner my mom was telling Archer he was being crabby. Following conversation took place
Mom (to Archer): You're a crab tonight, aren't you?
Archer: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHINE WHINE WHINE!!! FEED ME!!!! DON'T FEED ME!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!
Q: He's not a crab, he's a brother!

Then later than night, while brushing Q's teeth (ie: trying to shove the tooth brush in his mouth in an attempt to get even a little contact, while he giggles and squirms and chomps his mouth shut)
Me: You are such a wiggle worm!
Q: I not a worm! I Quinn!


Q's favorite song, without a doubt, is the theme song for Special Agent Oso. It's kind of funny to think that a 2 year old might get a song stuck in his head, but I think that might be the case, because he's always signing or humming it.
We noticed recently that he'll sing other words to the tune of Special Agent Oso.
For instance when he woke up the other morning, instead of just calling for us as he usually does he sang:
Mama dada, maaaamaaa
Mama dada, maaaamaaa
Um, adorable? Check. Clever? Check. He had a new one yesterday though. It was just him saying "pickle" over an over to the tune.  Weirdo. Also, clearly my child.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today would have been be dad's 78th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad!! We miss you!!

Hello Autumn

"When autumn comes
It doesn't ask
It just walks in where it left you last
You never know when it starts
Until there's fog inside the glass
Around your summer heart"
'Somethings Missing'-John Mayer *

I get pretty bummed when summer ends. I always feel like I never really got a chance to enjoy it and do all the summery things I love. I know it's been about a billion years since I was a kid, but I think I still feel like summer should be these endless, warm days. I think of summer and I just think of warm skin and days streching on forever. Cookouts and picnics and beach days and rides at the fair. Now summer is squeezed in between 5 pm Friday and 8pm Sunday night.  So I feel no different this year: Summer is just too short.  But I am going to try and embrace autumn more. It's Shawn's favorite time of year for one. And it's hard not to get excitied about something when someone else is just so joyful about it. So here's to pumpkin patches, picking out halloween costumes, sweaters, MY BIRTHDAY!, halloween candy & taking Q trick or treating for the first time.
Bring it on fall. BRING IT ON!

*Say what you will about John Mayer but he can put words together in a way that just gets under my skin. Also, to totally be THAT person, I had the chance to meet him a long, long time ago.(He was opening a show for the musical love of my life, Glen Phillips) And he was ridiculously nice and friendly, and chatted with me and my girlfriend for 5-10 mintues after a show. So I have to love him forever and always.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Things & Stuff & Other Stuff

Just a jumbled, random bunch of stuff.

Okay, so I was out shopping a couple weeks ago with my girl Racheal looking for dresses to wear to a wedding we're going to. And as I'm trying something on that looks TERRIBLE on me, Rachy brings me a burnt orange colored tweed-like skirt. Normally not even something I'd consider. The kind of thing I'd see on someone else and like, but not for me. But I tried it on and liked it.  Then I thought the only logical footwear choice would be boots. So I bought boots.  Then this weekend I thought I should really have something else to wear these boots with. So I bought Skinny jeans. Which I SWORE I would NEVER EVER DO! Well, I mostly thought I'd look just god awful in skinny jeans and they'd make my ass & thighs look ginormous. Thus far everyone assures me I look good in them. And I like them. (Though I do suspect they are so tight in my calfs I might lose feeling to me feet.)  I don't think I can stress how much boots and skinny jeans are out of my comfort zone. Let's just say I'm not completely convinced there hasn't been some sort of hypnosis incident.

So like I mentioned, I'm going to a wedding this weekend. My sweet dear friend Lisa is getting married in Boise. (I met her when she lived all too briefly in Seattle before she RUDELY moved back to Boise, which I haven't entirely forgiven her for. I'm trying to move on, as it was several years ago. But it's hard.) I have a dress I really like, even though it's black and the wedding is at 2 in the afternoon. It was either that or um... skinny jeans & boots. Shawn is performing the ceremony (if he still has a voice. oh dear sweet infant jesus don't let him loose his voice) and I can't wait.

I've been thinking lately about how small my circle of girlfriends is these days (well, friends at all girl or otherwise). (If you want to know the truth I was trying to decide what to do for my birthday next month and was having a hard time coming up with anyone that would be able to come over/ go out with.) We all know how hard it is to make friends when you're a big old grown up. Throw in how hard it can be to coordinate schedules and actually get together with people, and well, there you are. I don't really know where I'm going with this point. Just that I would like more friends? Huh. I don't even know....

The boys & Shawn have been sick for the last week or so. Yesterday was one of the harder days we've had as parents. Shawn was still not feeling great & so had little patience. I was feeling worn down, and the constant sadness/whining of Q combined with Archer's clingyness just about did me in. It's a pain that when Q needs the most attention and patience is when it's hardest to give it to him. One minute he's crying and sad about who knows what, and the next he's silly and sweet. I'll be trying not to be annoyed about the crying over nothing but he's moved on. I can't keep up with that. But I know I need to. Anyway, I was ready for work today is what I'm saying.

I think we've managed to ditch Q's binkie without so much as a mention. I'm afraid to talk about it, as it's only been a week. We basically just stopped offering it to him (He was only allowed to have it at bed time/ nap time for the last few months). And he hasn't really asked for it. We did give it to him (we offered, he didn't ask) once this last week while he was sick. Just in hopes it would help him feel better (and let's be honest, would shut him up a little.)  But just like with bottles, he had no trouble giving them up. He sure does make some things easy on us.

I do believe I've blabbed enough for one post. I'm going to listen 'Morningside' by Sara Bareilles on repeat for my bus ride home now because I love it an unreasonable amount today.

That's incredibly rude, sir

Also titled: Things my kid is clearly learning from me.

Recently Quinn has taken to shushing us when he wants us to be quiet. It started when we'd turn a song on in the car he didn't like and he'd get kinda mad at us. We'd sing along really loudly to some awesome classic rock song and he'd tell us "NO!"  Oh, excuse me your highness but I can't listen to anymore freaking Katy Perry. (Clearly he spends too much time in the car with my husband listening to Pop music crap I can't stand- and he LOVES it. I need to work on that...)  Anyway, the other day Shawn told me Q flat out shushed him while he was talking AND THEN said "Be quiet! Archie's Sleeping!"  Archer was not sleeping.  And Q did it to me the other day. And maybe I need to work on making him be polite or not lying or whatev, but I'm sorry that shit is funny. And I cracked up. Loudly.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Conversations With 2 Year Olds

Quinn: Whatsa doin mommy?
Me: Feeding Archie dinner.
Q: Whatsa doin mommy?
M: Um. Still feeding Archie dinner.
Q: Whatsa doin mommy?
M: What do you think I'm doing?
Q: Feeding Archie dinner!
M: Yup. What are YOU doing?
Q: Eating dinner!

Asking him what he thinks I'm doing seems to be the only way out of the endless loop. See Also: "What's Dis/What's dat?"  (Espeically hard to answer because he rarely points, is just looking at something unknown...)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Five

1. I have these little blurbs that pop into my head, and I'll write them (in my head) and they're interesting/funny/awesome. And then when I'm ready to type them out I've forgotten all about them. Okay, and so they might not be interesting. Or funny. Or probably not awesome. Whatever. Shut up. So's your face.

2. Sorry about that, I didn't mean to lash out at you. I love you. You're pretty and nice. And your hair looks really good today. I'm just still stressed out with this whole moving my mom into my house. It should be done THIS weekend. I guess.

3. We went out last night to get new shoes for Q (Who by the way is now in a size 9! I can't even.)  and I was struck again about carefully approaching the boys things vs. girls things. We immediately start considering converse, old school style slip on vans, and black nikes with bright orange swooshes. Q sees a Dora box and makes a beeline for them. Like "I don't know this Chuck Taylor you speak of. But Dora? That's my girl!" They didn't have any Dora shoes in his size, but it didn't matter because he then saw the most hideous rainbow colored, bedazzeled, light up shoes I've ever seen. He put one on at once and started stommping around in it. Again, they didn't have his size so we couldn't get them anyway. And we ended up buying a pair of gray vans from the boys section. But... I don't know. I feel like it's more or less a losing battle- keeping him from deciding things are only for boys or only for girls. Doesn't mean I won't buy him a pink shirt or a doll if he asks. I won't tell him he can't turn his blankie into a dress. And I won't correct him when he puts something on his head and calls himself a princess. Still, it just makes me... Sigh

4. I saw some excellent stuff on the internet this week, but since I'm still blogging from my phone, I can't share. Oh well, you've probably seen them, right?

5. Work fried my brain today, so I can't think of a #5 and Friday is already almost over, so I give up.

Happy weekending my dears! And if you're here in the PNW try not to complain too much about the heat; it's hot as hell but so rare I think we can handle it ;) Besides, we need these days to get us through the rainy months.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Five

1. First things first: there will finally be a new look around here soon. I was lucky enough to win a Blog design from 17th Avenue Designs! I hope to get a chance in the next few days to actually get everything installed. It's Up now! Wahoo! Thanks Kate! (Also, hopefully I can get a few elements added back, like pages & a blog button, soon.)

2. This weekend is the big move with my mom. Crossing my fingers that it isn't a total nightmare. And, well if it is, at least it's almost all over with, right?

3. My favorite thing I read this week? This response to the Chick-Fil-A business. Many thanks to Jamie @ the Grumbles for tweeting it. Also, side note: I keep forgetting about Jane's site. I remember when Jane magazine was cancelled I was so annoyed.

4. I was listening to the Savage Love podcast (which I'd forgotten about but grabbed an episode of when getting some more Girl on Guy by Aisha Tyler podcasts) (She's hilarious btw) (also, I was listening with my headphones in and checked them 50 gabillion times to make sure everyone at the bus stop didn't have to hear the words anus or asshole over and over again) and was reminded when I first heard of Dan Savage. I'd just moved to the PNW after finishing high school, so 1996. (No YOU'RE old! Shut up!) I somehow came across a radio show he hosted on KCMU (now the beloved KEXP) called Savage Love Live. I used to tape it and send it to my girlfriend Z in Cali. I'm pretty sure everything I know about sex I learned from him (and co-host Mary, whom I loved), lol. So, uh, I guess- thank you Dan Savage. haha.

5. Can we all just give a big Hurrah for awesome husbands and best friends? Because, yeah.
Happy Friday! See ya on the other side of the weekend, with a little less stress and stress related headaches. Yeah?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dig deep and breathe

In my head, over and over, to get me through...

"Times going to bring me something new
Whether or not I want it to
And the most I can do
Is take
And the rest doesn't matter
No, not just yet"

"Hey little girl are you crying
Cause you've been broken down?
Well you're not the one to blame
For all the motherfuckers hanging about
Oh but nothings gonna change
If you don't go and figure it out
So pack your bags get going
Let's go show em how you kick, scream, and shout

Breathe girl
Dig deep and breathe
Come on baby, breathe girl
Dig deep and breathe
Hey little girl
Have you gotten all your dreams written out
Well you better get em straight
If you wanna get the story on out
Cause nothings gonna change
If you don't go and figure it out
So pack your bags get going
Let's go show em how you kick, scream, and shout
Breath girl
Dig deep and breathe
Come on baby, breathe girl
Dig deep and breathe"

Lyrics from 'Not Yet' and 'Breathe' - Carrie Akre

Friday, August 3, 2012

Life, lately

So much going on, who knows where to start. I'm a bad enough writer anyway, but everything I want to write about is more of a jumble in my head than usual. Know what I am good at? LISTS! *With jazz hands!*

-No internet at home, which is the main reason for no blogging lately. See also, Comcast can suck it.

-Okay, I'm really lazy which is the real reason for no blogging. I could blog a little from my phone (which I'm doing now) or take my laptop to work if I wasn't so lazy.

-Also the laptop needs a new battery and we just haven't gotten around to it since we aren't using it much (See no internet at home)

-Both Shawn and I have hurt ourselves in the last few months (Actually I guess mine was in like Feb or March. huh)  I messed up my back and Shawn torn some muscles in his calf. That kind of stuff makes life crazy. In other news, WE LOVE PAINKILLERS!!! Haha, kidding. Sorta.

-Archer is getting too big, too fast. We have: 5 teeth coming through, he's sitting up, pulling up to stand all the time, sleeping in his own crib in his room finally, tells jokes (runs his binkie against the crib rails, while it's in his mouth, and laughs), is very attached to mama right now, screeching very very loudly, eating foods finally! He's about 19lbs (25-50 percentile), and very tall/long- I think it was 29in (97 percentile I believe), w/ a small-ish head (25th percentile). Mostly though, like his big brother (see also: his favorite person in the world), he's just a sweet, smiley, happy baby. Boy do I love that little pink lump (Shawn's weird terms of endearment are clearly rubbing off on me.)

-Q is talk, talk, talking up a storm. Current favorites: I hold da babe (Translation: I'll hold my baby), I don't want it (Said when food is presented he does not approve of, or if he doesn't want to do something that's been asked of him), Oh Shit! (we're working on getting rid of that one, lol. Replacement therapy in process to change to Oh shoot!), Cuddle mama! (I mean COME ON!), I find it!, Listen (Okay, that's just one word, but the way he says it when he hears something and he wants us to hear it to? So cute!), and just a bunch of other cute stuff. He tries very hard to make sure he is saying things correctly, so he'll repeat them over and over until he gets it right. He's still pretty sweet and affectionate, giving us run by hugs and kisses all the time. And we have not yet entered full blown toddler madness yet, so that's awesome. Cause I'm so, so scared to reach that stage.

-My mom is finally moving into our house. I think. So the next few weeks will be utter madness. I'm trying not to stress too much, but well... I'm stressed.

-This week/weekend is BlogHer and holy overloaded twitter and instagram feeds! Honestly though I actually like seeing the updates and living vicariously through everyone else. I don't know that I would ever have the guts to go to something like that, or really a good reason. But it's fun to see everyone else go.

-We have finally had some pretty decent days here in the PNW weather wise, and we are trying to take advantage of it. Mostly our big thing is sticking to the plan of getting the boys out to a park of some kind for a good long walk and bit of exploring. It's been pretty fun and am enjoying discovering new parks all over.

Whew! I think that's all I can manage for now. Hopefully I can get the laptop battery replaced soon, get some pictures uploaded and actually up on the blog. Maybe. Possibly?
Haha! Happy Friday dearies!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Archer is 7 Months Old

Let's not even talk about my lack of posting, K?
Moving on.
Archer is 7 months old! Holy Cow! I can't handle that. He's full on sitting up, pulling up to stand, for reals crawling (after quite a few weeks of that scootch & pull method of getting around), has 4 teeth coming in, and is finally eating solid foods. Sometimes (We are truly terrible parents and need to like, feed this poor kid more) (and don't even get me started on the fact that we hadn't pre-scheduled his 6 mo checkup and by the time we tried to schedule it we weren't able to get an appointment until Aug. When he's 8 months old. Poor, poor 2nd child.)
For now I just have pictures from my phone (Who am I kidding, the pictures I took with the actual camera aren't any better anyway). He's quite a mover now too, so a lot of blurry pictures were taken. Well until he got to the box of diapers and just stayed there for 10 minutes playing with in until he got cranky and then picture time was over. Yay!

Happy blurry Baby!

Are we done here lady?

Q showing Archer his bandage (he refuses to say band aid)

*10-16-12 This post was prety much finished but never posted. Backdating the post so it's not lost and forgotten forever, lol

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thrifty loo hoo: Part Two

Finally got out again on Memorial Day Weekend for a Value Village/Goodwill/St Vincent hop. As usual I was mostly looking for books & frames. And although there were good sales happening, there were also a billion people out picking through everything. Also, as usual, I didn't have the patience to dig through clothes. But I scored a big stack of books for the boys, one for myself and a couple of frames. As usual the kids books were between $0.69-$0.99 each (plus a couple free from value village I think.) My book was $2 and the frames were $5 or $6 for all 4. I hope to hit up some garage sales this summer and see if I can find some really good deals. Here are some crappy pictures of my finds:
An excellent haul of books for the boys. Q's especially fond of the Little Eisenstein's. I like Oscar's rotten birthday. And a Sandra Boynton book we don't actually have! 

Oh, and I almost forgot this book I found a few weeks ago. I had a version of this as a child but this one has illustrations by Gyo Fujikawa, who wrote my very favorite book from childhood, Oh What a Busy Day. It was at a used book store, so it wasn't as cheap- $8, but I couldn't resist. There are however some questionable poems I might be omitting from story time, lol.

Couple of plain frames I can paint and a 2 pack of brand new Ikea frames!

A new book for me! I might even read it! 

The big score of the day goes to my best girl Racheal though. Outside St Vincent were a couple of patio/ bistro table style chairs. She'd just been talking about wanting something for her patio, so this was quite good luck. She considered them, at $14 each not a bad deal, but wasn't sure. Then we realized that everything was half off. She hauled her ass outside and grabbed those puppies up! They're not in perfect shape, but pretty damn good.

Racheal and I are really going to try harder to get out thrifting more often. I say that all the time, but I really mean it this time! No, really! And maybe I finally get something kinda interesting for a change?

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A lovely long weekend

I had a couple extra days off work around memorial day and Shawn had the Friday before off, so we decided to take a little day trip up north. We stopped first in Mount Vernon to walk around a little and so that I could feed Archer. Q was being adorable and having a good ole time waking along with us, checking things out. But, note to self: bookstores with a 2 yr old? Um, perhaps not. At least, not if I want to actually look for books.
Starting the car trip by reading sweetly in the car

Yeah, we leash him. So what? He doesn't love being the stroller and he likes to run.

Checking out the River

Playing "piano" on the boardwalk

After we'd walked around for awhile we hopped back in the car and continued on north to Deception Pass State Park. We spent and hour or two on the beach throwing rocks in the water and squealing over how cold it was. And by we I mean Q. Okay fine, me too. Q just had a ball. I mean, I'm sure most 2 year olds love being outside exploring, gathering, playing. But seeing his joy is such a good reminder to make sure we get out at every chance possible. Trying to make sure we at least get one good long walk every weekend.

Having a snack before setting off to play

I caught a little cuddle ; )
Deception Pass Bridge

Failed attempt at a picture with Archer


Ignore me- Look at that EPIC Archie Stink Face. OMG!

Inspecting rocks. Also Q would like the hold the rock he's sitting on. "Hold it mama!"

One last failed atempt

Oh, well that's pretty cute

It was really a pretty perfect day. Perfect weather & happy kids. I'd like a repeat every weekend please and thank you.