Saturday, January 28, 2012

Archer, 1 Month Old

My tiny baby Archer is already 7 weeks old. How does that happen?! Damn you time! Damn yous all to hell!
I actually took his 1 month pictures on time. They pretty much all looked the same. You know, TOTALLY adorable and precious.

We just had his 6 week checkup, well 7 week it turned out to be. He's doing great, a little cold coming on so he got out of his vaccinations for a week or so. We found out the ultrasound on his hips showed no problems at all, whew. (He was breech which puts babies at an increased risk for Hip Dysplasia.)  He's 12.5 lbs, 24ish inches long. Our tall boy! Next up is a visit to the Pediatric Cardiologist to check out a few little holes in his heart. All expectations are that they'll have closed up by now, so FINGERS CROSSED!

I have to say that Archer is just the sweetest, loveliest little boy. He smiles like nobody's business. I swear I've never seen a baby this young smile so much! For weeks now! I just sit and stare at him while he smiles and coos. He's a champion sleeper too. While Q needed to be held ALL OF THE TIME, Archer is just fine in the bassinet & falls asleep in his swing. I'm actually able to use the bathroom during the day! And write this blog post! I will say he has total "mom's about to eat, time to cry" radar. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Also he pooped on my beautiful couch yesterday. I suppose it's my fault for laying him down directly on the couch and not on a blanket. Still. Grounded. Q's doing so great with him. I have noticed an increase of him trying to get us to play with him in his room. You know, away from the baby. But otherwise we've had no issues thus far. Basically it's all just sunshine and rainbows around here!

Here are some other pictures from the last few weeks.

My sweet husband and new little baby, in the Hospital

Ok, so I don't look great. But look! Mutitasking! Breastfeeding and reading to Q. This was my spot for the first week I was home. Notice my phone, water bottle, baby snot sucker and bag of snickers. You know, the staples. I can't explain the Ove Glove. 

Awww, look how sweet that baby is! I pretty much just love when they lay like that.

Tired but happy mama

First smiles on camera! 2 weeks old

Try not to die from the cuteness

Funny sleeper

Okay, who wouldn't want to wake up to this face! (Actually he looked much more smiley before I enlarged it...)

Tiny baby ear! Squeeee!

Tiny baby hand! 

Mom! The sun is burning my head! Cut it the hell out!

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