Monday, January 30, 2012


Okay, I kid you not, seeing my two little boys together is THE CUTEST THING THAT THERE EVER WAS. EVER. IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.  Sorry about that.

Q still isn't saying much these days. But one thing he can say? Archie. Yeah, I know. So he just walks around the house saying 'Mama, dada, Archie'. DYING. As his daycare lady says about having Archie join him next week, "He's going to be so happy to have his brother during the days- it's all he talks about."  I've tried to get pictures of them together, but it's a little hard. The other day I finally let Q "hold" Archie, but only got one crappy picture before I had to rescue the baby from being squeezed to death. Q loves to give him smooches, touch his hands and head and say "soft", and put his arms out to hold him. I can only hope that when they're older, among the fighting and bickering and ruckus, there's still little glimmers of this sweet sibling affection.


 Hey brother.(10 points if you know what that's from) Want a cracker?

 We put Archer's seat out of the way, but Q found a way to get close

 Excuse my while I take this important business call. On the kitchen timer. 


Just checking things out. 

 This one just because, oh my gosh that belly!

And my attempt to get a picture of Q holding Archer. In their brother shirts. This was the only picture I got before I had to pick Archer back up. Q was super happy, I promise. 

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