Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge

Last year I was going to do that whole 365 picture a day business. I even had a tumblr account all ready to go. I did not get very far. At all. Like I gave up after a week or so. Lame. So I'm joining along with January photo a day challenge from fat mum slim cause it seems like a challenge I can actually handle. Here's the list:

I'm posting them to Twitter but thought it'd be fun to put them up here as well. Here's the first week.
Day 1: Me, wonky hair and all

Day 2: Breakfast- Toast and a Dr Pepper, breakfast of champions

Day 3: I Adore- My Sweetie

Day 4: Letterbox- is waaaay past all those houses. so.

Day 5: I wore- Well PJs and this guy in my lap all day

Day 6: Makes me Smile- My little guy hard at work

Day 7: Favorite- My sweet boys

Day 8: My Sky

Hoping I can keep this up the rest of the month. Fingers Crossed!

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