Wednesday, February 29, 2012

10 Randomy Things

So these fun lists have been going around and I was kinda sad cause I wanted to do it, but wasn't like "tagged" or whatever (which btw, who cares stupid. I'm uber lame sometimes). Anyway, Mandy at the Haps has tagged everyone. Weeee!  So here we go. First a picture of me, then 10 random things, then I answer some questions.

I don't really have pictures of me, so I just snapped this today real quick like

10 Randoms:
1. My memory recall for stupid stuff that doesn't matter is insane. You want to know the name of that lady that was in that movie? You know the one that was also on that show with what's-his-name? I can probably tell you. Did you know the guy that co-wrote that one song was also in that one band?  (PS That one is a specific reference- Dan Wilson of Semisonic (they sang Closing Time) co-wrote 'Someone Like You' w/ Adele) Do you care? Didn't think so.

2. I have... issues. I've recently heard of something called Sensory Processing Disorder and I won't go into details, but I'm seriously thinking I have a form of this. Let's just say I don't like the seams in my clothes.

3. I made the mistake of reading other people's post and randoms and now I'm just thinking of things other people mentioned that happen to be true for me too. What a poser.

4. I pick things up with my feet. Ewwww

5. I CANNOT have unread blogs in my Bloglovin' feed. Or unread emails for that matter. I must UNBOLD all the things. No really, I MUST! I cannot handle having an unread email. Which means every "work" email I get during the day must be printed and put on my desk, or I might forget about it, cause I can't just leave it unread while I'm working on something else.

6. I make a pretty damn delicious crispy oatmeal cookie, if I do say so myself. I thought it was my nana's recipe, but it turns out it was from a cookbook, haha.

7. I'm obsessed with song lyrics. I used to scribble them on EVERYTHING. You can still sometimes find a random post it note on my desk that will say something like "You're kidding yourself if you think you can find the fractures in my mind"  What the what?

8. In jr high my friends and I made up a dance routine to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. No, I am not kidding. Yes, it was awesome. No, the video evidence doesn't still exist. Yes, that makes me sad.

9. I do not care for seeing the clock state the time of 11:11. It creeps me out for some ridiculous reason. Which of course means people like to call me at said time and say, what time is it?

10. And "what time is it" makes me sing, in my head "What time is it? It's time for lunch! What time is it? It's time for lunch!"  It's from Bubble Guppies which Q has only watched a small handful of times, but there it is, stuck in my head forever.

And for the questions posed, my responses:

1. have you ever met someone famous? I have actually- my Aunt was kinda famous. Dorothy Provine if you wanna look her up. She was quite a looker and just a totally sweet, awesome lady. My dad and uncle were also in the movie business but of course I never got to use that to my advantage to meet cool people. (But I can link myself to Fatty Arbuckle in like, 3 jumps) Oh, and there's still debate about this, but Henry Winkler patted my mama's belly when she was pregnant. The debate is if she was pregnant w/ me or my older brother. That counts though, right? I've met a few musicians too (Glen Phillips, Howie Day, John Mayer). And I have a rule now after meeting said musicians that I'm not allowed to talk to "famous" people anymore. Cause I'm such a spaz.

2. what is your happiest childhood memory? Riding my bike all over town and summers full of billions of picnics with friends.

3. favorite album of all time? This is almost as bad as asking which kid is my favorite (BTW- It's Quinn. KIDDING! Archer's not old enough for me to make that decision yet).  Um... Winter Pays For Summer- Glen Phillips? Really I have a whole post in my drafts about this subject. Maybe I'll finish it someday.

4. are you a salty or sweet lover? Well both, really. But holy crap can I put down an insane amount of potato chips. It's a problem really.

5. what is favorite guilty pleasure tv show or movie? I kinda feel like I don't have a lot. Maybe just cause I own up to my bad taste? I do love iCarly. Does that even count since everyone loves it?

6. describe your favorite sandwich. I'm pretty plain (IE: The pickiest eater you will EVER meet) but I love a spicy italian at Subway. Pepperoni, salami, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, oil & Vinegar, salt & pepper.  yummmmm!

7. what was your first pet? Hmmm. There were dogs around when I was little I think, but the first pet that was mine all mine was an albino rat named Christine. She escaped (to my mother's horror) never to be found again.

8. what is your biggest accomplishment thus far in life? Being a mama is pretty much the best thing I've ever done.

9. what is the first blog you started reading? I have no idea. But I think Young House Love might be the first one I started reading like a crazy stalker person though

10. if you had to choose one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be? Strawberry Shortcake, no question.

So now you know more than you care to about me. haha YAY!

Oh, they're adorable alright

I'm warning you right now: Do not watch this if you don't want more than 1 kid. Because, seriously? Seeing my two little guys together will break your resistance. Oh, and please ignore my annoying voice.

Quinn has become a little obsessed with Archer. He says "Archie" all.the.time. And he's constantly in his face saying Hiiiiii. He loves to give him smooches, and is always trying to get us to let him hold the baby. Adorable.
And yes, I fully plan on using this when the boys are older and are fighting every other minute. "But look how sweet you two used to be!"

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Aren't these little guys just the best? Well I think so anyway. Oh, and I'll have a video of this up later. You know, if you can handle the cute.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Thifty loo hoo

Ok, so I don't do the thrifting thing all that often. I lack patience for one. And for another thing... well I'm about to admit something that might get me shot. I know this is not the opinion of most the bloggers out there today, but.... I don't care for "vintage" too terribly much. Every once in a while, sure. And true antiques sometimes catch my eye. But all the love people have these days for "treasures" from the 60s and 70s? Sorry, but no love here. But look, that really just works in your advantage, right? Cause I'm gonna leave that pyrex behind and move along. But thrifting isn't about what you get, but rather getting stuff CHEAP, right?! That I can get behind. Generally there are 3 things I look for when I go: Books- always books first, clothes when I have the time and patience, and picture frames. Oh, I used to look for CDs too, but don't find much anymore that I want.
Anyway, last weekend I made Shawn stop at Value Village so I could take a run through real quick. I'm working on gathering frames for a couple of gallery walls (this will take some time, as I can't really afford to buy a ton of picture frames all at once) and I was hoping to find a couple. Luckily I scored 2 in decent shape that I plan to paint white to fit my plans. I was also able to grab 8 books for the boys, and 2 for myself. And three jacket/sweaters for Q. I think I spent about $20. Nice!

And all of this is just in time to join along with High on Thrifting Thursday over at Harper's Happenings! Yay! Just a few days late is all.


Books for Q. (Had to retrieve half of these from under the couch to take a picture and still couldn't find one of them). Oh, and I was so excited to find a Mickey Mouse book, since Quinn loves him so much. But it is the DUMBEST book I've ever read. Seriously, it makes no sense. And that My Doll is Lost book? Sesame Street book circa 1984, which means- NO ELMO! HAHA. And yes it's in front of an Elmo book. I can't help it- Q loves that stupid snotty monster.

I did pick up a couple of books for me. I was really excited for the Emily Giffin book, then realized I read it last year. Still, nice to add to my collection.

Cute Sweater & hoodie for Q (I bought a Jacket too-Broncos, Shawn's favorite football team, but Q had already gotten it dirty and it was in the wash).

And finally here are the frames I scored. The three little ones on the left are new. But I got them at Aaron Brothers on sale with some emailed coupons, so still a good deal! Those are for a small frame gallery wall I want to do above my nightstand. I can't wait to have enough frames and get it put together!

This has actually got me kinda jazzed to go more frequently. Now I just have to remember to yell "STOP!" when we're about to drive past a thrift store and make Shawn pull over. Ha ha! 

Friday Five!

Sorry to the two of you that read this blog, that The five is late again this week (PS- My intent is to have it up Friday mornings). It's been quite a week:

1) Monday late afternoon I started to feel kinda icky. I went to work on Tuesday, but the bus ride in was questionable and I thought I might have to turn around and go home. I didn't, but I felt gross all day. I kind of thought I was on the edge of a flu perhaps. Shawn wasn't feeling great either. Neither of us really got sick, but just felt out of it and yucky. Still I trudged through the week, and am feeling more or less fine now.

2) You know who is sick though? Our babysitter's little girl. She called us late Wednesday night to let us know that her 6 month old was sick, as a heads up. Then Thursday morning decided she needed to take her to the doctor. That meant we had no daycare, so I stayed home with the boys. We found out later that morning her little girl has RSV. She was willing to take the boys today, but we were not down with that. It's hard for us to cover when we don't have daycare, but RSV is super contagious, and bad news for little babies. So today Shawn worked a few hours in the morning, then took me into work so I could get a couple hours in too. These are the kinds of days I've been dreading.

3) I get to see two of my favorite people in the world this weekend! Yay! One of my best girls Rae is coming to visit and bringing her ADORABLE little girl Maddie. Seriously, this girl is CRAZY cute. I cannot wait!

4) I felt a little like I should have stayed downtown (I work in downtown Seattle) for drinks tonight. It was so yucky and rainy, I just wanted to be sitting in a cozy, dark bar sipping lemon drops. I think its been too long since I've had a girls night. Made me miss the days of going out to Marcus' Martini Heaven. That used to be me and my girls favorite spot. Ah, memories.

5) I think I've worked out some ideas for Q's birthday finally. We will be doing a Mickey Mouse theme. Not the stuff pinterest dreams are made of, but he'll freak when he sees Mickey all over the place. Shawn already bought a stuffed Pluto & Donald Duck to add to Quinn's collection (that man cannot help himself in the Disney store- he Now I just have to start working on those ideas. Maybe this weekend? Fingers crossed.

Ok- Happy Friday and Happy weekend to you!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Am I really posting this?

Well seeing as how it's already on Facebook, I might as well post it here too. A friend from Jr. High/High School recently found and posted a picture of me. I'm probably 11-12 in this picture, and obviously so stylish it's a practically a crime.

PS. this would put the year around 1990-1991. So basically layered skirts and side ponys were already out of style I think. But that's how I roll, behind the times baby. Now in case you can't tell, on my t-shirt are teddy bears holding balloons. Yeah. And I was OBSESSED with that shirt. Couldn't explain it if I tried. The vest is one that came from my grandma. It was bright pink with a gold fringe thing along the edges. I don't know.

Whew! Well I hope you enjoyed this hilarious peek into how awesome I truly am. Try not to be too jealous.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Photo Challange: Week 1 & 2

Hey guess what? I've only missed a couple days so far. I'm okay with missing some though, cause I'm still having fun with it. So here we go, first 2 weeks:

 Day 2: Words- What color to choose? I went with Break A Leg Warmer. On one nail. And it stayed there for 2 weeks and I never painted the rest. Fail

 Day 3: Hands- Sweet little hand. Also? Someone cut this poor guys nails already!

 Day 5: 10 Am- Reading to Q

 Day 7: Dinner- Consumed! Yes, I leave the crusts behind sometimes. Don't judge.

 Day 7: Button- On my pretty new shirt 

 Day 8: Sun- Not around here, so a song instead. Notice the nail polish? Ha! What a dork

Day 9: Front Door- Blurry, but it's all I got. The door to the building I work in.

Day 11: Makes you Happy- Sweet husband making delicious breakfast

Day 14: Heart- These guys (Q was going in for a smooch, but I missed it)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Talk Talk, all you ever say is "blah blah blah"

It's strange this whole blogging thing. My main point in doing it is to document the little things going on. So posts like the Friday Five, or the monthly updates on the boys- those are easy. They're what I'm here for in the first place. But I sometimes wonder what else I might have to say. What else I might want to write down and get out there. It should be no big mystery that I'm not much of a writer. The most I can usually hope for is relatively decent grammar, few spelling errors, and for maybe a few people to chuckle here and there. (Did I just throw out a "chuckle"? I don't think that's a word I really use. I feel weird now.) Anyway, my point is I sometimes feel like I want to do more than that. But then I feel stuck. What to write about? No, I can't write about that- no one will find that interesting. No not that- its too weird. Or I think of something, and maybe even start a post but never finish. So what I'm saying basically is that I may or may not start trying to put more out there. Or it'll continue to be an occasional update on the boys and not much else. I guess that's okay too.

Archer Oliver: 2 Months Old!

Little guy, is not so little! We actually just had his weight checked again (At 7 weeks he was 12.5) He's now weighing in at 12lbs 13oz. I forget what the length/ height was, but he's a tall boy! Oh, and the day we had his appointment at the cardiologist they told us they'd had another baby named Archer in their office that same day! Craziness.
He's still sleeping really well, which is so so nice. He's being doing great with daycare and just spends all day being sweet and smiley by all accounts. He's proving to be a really easy baby. And everyone tried to tell us that never happens twice. Liars!

 2 Months! And Robots!

Happy guy! 

 Can we talk about these eyelashes? Ridiculous!

Mister doesn't care for binkies, but hasn't quite got the thumb thing down

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quintin Montgomery: 22ish Months

Little Q is a lot if fun these days. He's also a real pain sometimes. I'm pretty sure if any of us spent extended periods with toddlers before getting knocked up, well we wouldn't get knocked up. Still I guess he's hilarious and awesome more often than not. I have no size stats for you. I can say that I keep having to get new clothes for him. He's still tall and skinny. He says a ton of words now, more and more every day (well when he feels like it.) I try and make him say hat and bert (like of bert and ernie fame) all the time, cause holy cow is it cute. He runs around like a mad thing, loves hop hop, and is quite the enthusiastic dancer. You should see him go. He makes me play or sing the Mickey Mouse hot dog song over and over, and repeat. He still just says 'gog gog' when he wants to watch mickey, sees him somewhere, or wants to hear that damn song. He loves music and has quite a few jams. He loves that KIA commercial with the creepy hamsters and that Party Rock Anthem song. Now if I could just get more dancing and less whining, that'd be great. Also please god make him stop saying 'more' when he wants something. Moremoremoremore.... Okay kid, I get it. I will take moremoremoremore hugs and kisses though.

  One of the more successfully attempts to take a picture together

 A rare quiet moment

 Playing with his little animal guys

 This is what usually happens when I try and take a picture of him 

 Little man loves to color but must be monitored VERY closely

Handsome guy taking a bath 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"This is what I think of your stupid Valentines..."

Or at least that's what I imagine Q was thinking when he crumpled up the various Cars valentines I'd left around the house for him to find. I didn't expect him to have too much interest and I figured they'd be destroyed, but watching him take three of them and crush them in his hand... rough, man. After that he threw them in the garbage. Then dug them back out and threw them here on the floor. What a weirdo.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Five

1. Cougartown returns on Tuesday, the 14th, on ABC. I demand you watch it, for no other reason then I will be pissed off if it gets cancelled because of bad ratings or something. You know, cause everyone else is watching American Idol. (I don't have any idea when American Idol is actually on, but I know it's on, like 4 days a week.) Listen, it's a crappy titled show. They know that, and have poked fun at it. (Here's a video of the cast trying to think of new titles.)  But it's REALLY funny. If you liked Scrubs (and we shouldn't be friends if you didn't. kidding! sort of) you'll like this, promise. And it's not about Courtney Cox scamming on younger guys. Just for the record.

2. Remember how gloaty (is that a word? Well, it is now) I was about getting everything together and leaving the house on time last week? HA! hahahahaha. Monday as I frantically tried to rinse conditioner out of my hair in the bathroom sink (And really I should know better; my hair is so thick that process just takes FOREVER) I realized how silly I'd been. But whatever, I was able to wash bottles and pump parts when I got to work. You just wrap them up in paper towells and shove em in your pump bag. And who wants to eat food from home? Eating out is much more fun. Ok, so I almost cried when I got to work, pulled my cream cheese out of the fridge and realized I hadn't brought my bagel. But monday's are just emotional for everyone, right?

3. Cougartown comes back next week. Tuesday, the 14th. You don't have good valentine's day plans anyway, right? Oh, and if you need a catchup before the season starts I believe this saturday night there'll be a little marathon. ABC

4. Speaking of Valentine's day, I kinda forgot it was coming. I'd had a little project I was going to attempt that I saw on Pinterest. But let's be honest, who actually does any of the thing they see on Pinterest? Oh, you do? I see. Well I just like looking at pretty stuff. Oh, and here I am if you wanna follow. Anyway, my husband probably doesn't really care and my boys are too young right now. But some day I'm gonna be all over heart garlands, sandwiches cut into heart shapes, valentine mail boxes and cute handmade valentines for classmates.

5.Okay, so we're maybe looking into getting a double stroller (although I don't know where we put it. It turns out we really need a bigger car. booo)  Any recommendations would be awesome. Graco has a new one with like 56 configurations, but I haven't looked at it in person yet, so we'll see about that. Also, if I could avoid spending $1000 that would be nice.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. This weekend I'm going to attempt to upload pics so I can finish some posts I have patiently waiting. Maybe do some laundry. Mostly just smooch all over my little guys and try and get some extra sleep.Exciting!

PS- Bonus! #6- Remember how awesome Kristen Bell and the sloth are? Well they've been auto-tuned and it's more awesomeness. Go here!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

My view all the time these days. When I feel like ditching the damn thing I remind myself of the money we're saving. Oh, plus all the benefits of breastmilk blah blah blah.

Plus, look at this face....
Stinkface says "just suck it up and do it ya wimp"


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A sigh of relief

Just a little update on Archer (he is two months old! So I'll have a post with pictures coming later.)
When we were still in the hospital after he was born one of the doctors heard a murmur in Archer's heart. A ultrasound confirmed a very small hole (and a couple of flaps that hadn't closed yet.) All expectations were that they weren't serious and should close up by themselves. We just had our followup appointment with the cardiologist and I'm happy to report that he could no longer hear the murmur. He said that was enough to know that it's probably closed, and can treat it as such. We just go back when he's 3 years old to have him checked out, but otherwise he's fine. I'm so relieved. I will say that getting blood pressure on a baby seems almost impossible and really uncomfortable for baby. They tried his arm first a couple of times, and then his leg. Poor guy cried and cried, and they never got it anyway. He handled his multiple vaccinations later that day much better. Oh, and keeping Q occupied while we waited was so annoying. A tiny room and an active curious toddler do not mix. Aye aye aye.... Anyway, I'm so relived!
Here's the little guy sleeping off the vaccinations.

Don't stare for too long or you'll get serious baby fever

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Odds and Ends

Okay, so I did a Friday Five and all, but I guess I just wasn't done. It's rare for me to have the time and energy to write, so I thought I better just go with it.

I finally completed an 'About Me' page of sorts. It's up there at the top under 'Timeline'. I only point it out because I'm so proud of myself for actually finishing it and I think it's kinda funny. Which on second thought is probably a good indication that it isn't.

I'm trying to work on this stupid blog design and such, but I know zero about all that. One thing I did do was remove Disqus since Blogger has threaded commenting now. Also it wasn't always working for people. (I have problems with it on other blogs too.) Of course that deleted the few comments I had, sad face. Anyway, I think I'll eventually have to have someone more talented than myself at least to a header for me. Suggestions?

At dinner the other night Q had thrown one of his dried snap peas on the floor, which I hadn't noticed. Later I'm sitting on the couch and look up to see him notice it, start to step on it, SMILE at me with the most mischievous look and the crush it to powder. I was trying to tell him No, but it's hard to do that when you have to turn away to keep him from seeing you laugh. But I mean, come on! How hilarious is it when they start figuring this stuff out that they shouldn't be doing? Okay, actually it's usually annoying. But that smile just KILLED me.

Are you watching the super bowl this weekend? No I don't actually care. But we're having a contest at work, and if the team I picked wins I get to wear jeans to work! No, seriously. That's a thing. Jeans as a reward. And we just eat it up! Although at this point it's very possible I don't have any jeans that fit. hmmmm Oh, yeah the team I picked is the Giants. One- Tom Brady annoys me. B- My husband has a great hatred of the Patriots, so I'd probably get in trouble if I picked them. OH MY GOSH WHY AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT FOOTBALL ON MY BLOG?! 

I was considering doing a post every couple weeks or so of the music I'm listening to. And then I remembered I don't listen to new music anymore, and I'd just be suggesting old stuff which isn't quite the same. It's very weird to feel so out of touch with something that I love so much. So why don't you tell me what I should be listening to. PS- I was listening to some Better Than Ezra today. The second CD I ever owned was 'Deluxe' by Better Than Ezra and honestly I still listen to it ALL the time, 17 years after it came out. That TRIPS me out. I'm old enough to have a favorite CD that old?! What the what?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Five

This was my first week back at work after 10 week maternity leave (2 pre baby and 8 post baby.) And while I'm totally grateful to have all that paid maternity leave, it's still hard to feel like it's not nearly enough. Anyway, babble babble babble, here's the five

1. Okay, so this is going around and I'm sure everyone has seen it. But Kristen Bell and sloths? HILARIOUS! Like, I just can't love her more. And now I need to go watch every episode of Veronica Mars again.

2. You know what helps with that whole going back to work business? People telling you how good you look post baby. Now I just have to work on saying 'Thank You' instead of 'Thank you but I still have a lot of weight to lose'

3. Trying to get into this new schedule now that I'm back to work. I have to say, only 2 days in and I've done pretty good. I'm getting the diaper bag and bottles together the night before. I'm getting up when the alarm goes off. We're leaving the house on time. The only thing I'm sucking at is getting up in the middle of the night to pump. Blarg

4. So our daycare situation is all over the place. We're lucky enough to have grandparents take the kids one day a week. We've had an in home daycare person since Q was 2 months old, and she takes both boys now 2 days a week. And we have a former co-worker of Shawn's taking the boys 2 days a week. This week was the first time Archer was with anyone but me for more than a couple hours, but he did great. It does make me a little sad how easy it's been for the boys to be away from me ; ) But of course I'm mostly just relieved to have all the help we do, and people that really love the boys and take great care of them.

5. I know that dumb groundhog saw his shadow, but I can't help but hope winter gets over with quickly. I live in the Pacific NW, so this is a ridiculous thing to hope for. Summer will come in August just like it does every year. Still, I long for tank tops & flip flops, taking the boys to beach, BBQs...all that good stuff.

I feel like posts without pictures are lame and boring, so I'll leave you with this. Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Back To Work

Well I did it. Today I returned back to work. I saw this in the break room and thought "Welcome back Meghan. Welcome back indeed."  They were all old and stale. So. That's what going back to work is like.

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Photo a Day Challenge Update

So I sucked on this one. I tried, really. But I'm not very good at taking pictures, nor am I very creative. So when I'm supposed to take a picture of water? I kinda look around in bewilderment and then give up. Whoops. Still, I did do a lot of them, so here are the ones I managed.

Day 9: Daily Routine. This guy waits while we get all his things ready for bed (Baby dolls, binkie, sound machine, pillow, blankies, etc etc.) And yes that is a crib sheet wrapped around our ikea chair. Don't ask.

Day 10: Childhood. I had no idea what this meant. I did happen to take this picture on the 10th tho, which is me embarrassing my kid. Nothing says childhood like parental embarrassements, right? 

Day 11: Where you sleep. Um. Yeah, my room is sad. Also I took this a couple days ago because I'd never gotten one on the 11th.

Day 12: Close Up. CAKE!
Day 13: Inside your Bag. Tried but never got it
Day 14: Something you're reading. Sadly, only the occasional magazine article.

Day 15: Happiness- My little guy playing

Day 16: Morning. Missed

Day 17: Water. What? That's Dr. Pepper you say?  ICE CUBES ARE WATER STUPID

Day 18: Something you bought. Nope
Day 19: Sweet. Nope
Day 20: Someone you love. So not hard, but I missed this one too.
Day 21: Reflection. Nope
Day 22: Your Shoes. Nope
Day 23: Something old. Nope
Day 24: Guilty Pleasure. Nope
Day 25: Something you made. Nope

Day 26: Color. Courtesy of Q

Day 27: Lunch. Well Archer had lunch anyway.

Day 28: Light. Nope
Day 29: Inside your fridge. It was too gross, lol
Day 30: Nature. Nope

Day 31: You, again. Meh. Blurry, but it's the only one I got.

I think I'm going to attempt it again this month. Fat Mum Slim posted a February challenge so lets see how I do this time.