Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Photo Challange: Week 1 & 2

Hey guess what? I've only missed a couple days so far. I'm okay with missing some though, cause I'm still having fun with it. So here we go, first 2 weeks:

 Day 2: Words- What color to choose? I went with Break A Leg Warmer. On one nail. And it stayed there for 2 weeks and I never painted the rest. Fail

 Day 3: Hands- Sweet little hand. Also? Someone cut this poor guys nails already!

 Day 5: 10 Am- Reading to Q

 Day 7: Dinner- Consumed! Yes, I leave the crusts behind sometimes. Don't judge.

 Day 7: Button- On my pretty new shirt 

 Day 8: Sun- Not around here, so a song instead. Notice the nail polish? Ha! What a dork

Day 9: Front Door- Blurry, but it's all I got. The door to the building I work in.

Day 11: Makes you Happy- Sweet husband making delicious breakfast

Day 14: Heart- These guys (Q was going in for a smooch, but I missed it)

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