Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Five

This was my first week back at work after 10 week maternity leave (2 pre baby and 8 post baby.) And while I'm totally grateful to have all that paid maternity leave, it's still hard to feel like it's not nearly enough. Anyway, babble babble babble, here's the five

1. Okay, so this is going around and I'm sure everyone has seen it. But Kristen Bell and sloths? HILARIOUS! Like, I just can't love her more. And now I need to go watch every episode of Veronica Mars again.

2. You know what helps with that whole going back to work business? People telling you how good you look post baby. Now I just have to work on saying 'Thank You' instead of 'Thank you but I still have a lot of weight to lose'

3. Trying to get into this new schedule now that I'm back to work. I have to say, only 2 days in and I've done pretty good. I'm getting the diaper bag and bottles together the night before. I'm getting up when the alarm goes off. We're leaving the house on time. The only thing I'm sucking at is getting up in the middle of the night to pump. Blarg

4. So our daycare situation is all over the place. We're lucky enough to have grandparents take the kids one day a week. We've had an in home daycare person since Q was 2 months old, and she takes both boys now 2 days a week. And we have a former co-worker of Shawn's taking the boys 2 days a week. This week was the first time Archer was with anyone but me for more than a couple hours, but he did great. It does make me a little sad how easy it's been for the boys to be away from me ; ) But of course I'm mostly just relieved to have all the help we do, and people that really love the boys and take great care of them.

5. I know that dumb groundhog saw his shadow, but I can't help but hope winter gets over with quickly. I live in the Pacific NW, so this is a ridiculous thing to hope for. Summer will come in August just like it does every year. Still, I long for tank tops & flip flops, taking the boys to beach, BBQs...all that good stuff.

I feel like posts without pictures are lame and boring, so I'll leave you with this. Happy Weekend!

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  1. Happy Friday to you! I'm in love with sloths. :) I don't know how you get out of the house on time with 2 kids but I applaud you!