Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Five!

Sorry to the two of you that read this blog, that The five is late again this week (PS- My intent is to have it up Friday mornings). It's been quite a week:

1) Monday late afternoon I started to feel kinda icky. I went to work on Tuesday, but the bus ride in was questionable and I thought I might have to turn around and go home. I didn't, but I felt gross all day. I kind of thought I was on the edge of a flu perhaps. Shawn wasn't feeling great either. Neither of us really got sick, but just felt out of it and yucky. Still I trudged through the week, and am feeling more or less fine now.

2) You know who is sick though? Our babysitter's little girl. She called us late Wednesday night to let us know that her 6 month old was sick, as a heads up. Then Thursday morning decided she needed to take her to the doctor. That meant we had no daycare, so I stayed home with the boys. We found out later that morning her little girl has RSV. She was willing to take the boys today, but we were not down with that. It's hard for us to cover when we don't have daycare, but RSV is super contagious, and bad news for little babies. So today Shawn worked a few hours in the morning, then took me into work so I could get a couple hours in too. These are the kinds of days I've been dreading.

3) I get to see two of my favorite people in the world this weekend! Yay! One of my best girls Rae is coming to visit and bringing her ADORABLE little girl Maddie. Seriously, this girl is CRAZY cute. I cannot wait!

4) I felt a little like I should have stayed downtown (I work in downtown Seattle) for drinks tonight. It was so yucky and rainy, I just wanted to be sitting in a cozy, dark bar sipping lemon drops. I think its been too long since I've had a girls night. Made me miss the days of going out to Marcus' Martini Heaven. That used to be me and my girls favorite spot. Ah, memories.

5) I think I've worked out some ideas for Q's birthday finally. We will be doing a Mickey Mouse theme. Not the stuff pinterest dreams are made of, but he'll freak when he sees Mickey all over the place. Shawn already bought a stuffed Pluto & Donald Duck to add to Quinn's collection (that man cannot help himself in the Disney store- he Now I just have to start working on those ideas. Maybe this weekend? Fingers crossed.

Ok- Happy Friday and Happy weekend to you!!

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  1. RSV and sickness is the worst! Sky caught it when he was 2 weeks old and we had to stay in the hospital overnight, it blew hard. Lemon drops sound heavenly right about how! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! <3