Saturday, February 4, 2012

Odds and Ends

Okay, so I did a Friday Five and all, but I guess I just wasn't done. It's rare for me to have the time and energy to write, so I thought I better just go with it.

I finally completed an 'About Me' page of sorts. It's up there at the top under 'Timeline'. I only point it out because I'm so proud of myself for actually finishing it and I think it's kinda funny. Which on second thought is probably a good indication that it isn't.

I'm trying to work on this stupid blog design and such, but I know zero about all that. One thing I did do was remove Disqus since Blogger has threaded commenting now. Also it wasn't always working for people. (I have problems with it on other blogs too.) Of course that deleted the few comments I had, sad face. Anyway, I think I'll eventually have to have someone more talented than myself at least to a header for me. Suggestions?

At dinner the other night Q had thrown one of his dried snap peas on the floor, which I hadn't noticed. Later I'm sitting on the couch and look up to see him notice it, start to step on it, SMILE at me with the most mischievous look and the crush it to powder. I was trying to tell him No, but it's hard to do that when you have to turn away to keep him from seeing you laugh. But I mean, come on! How hilarious is it when they start figuring this stuff out that they shouldn't be doing? Okay, actually it's usually annoying. But that smile just KILLED me.

Are you watching the super bowl this weekend? No I don't actually care. But we're having a contest at work, and if the team I picked wins I get to wear jeans to work! No, seriously. That's a thing. Jeans as a reward. And we just eat it up! Although at this point it's very possible I don't have any jeans that fit. hmmmm Oh, yeah the team I picked is the Giants. One- Tom Brady annoys me. B- My husband has a great hatred of the Patriots, so I'd probably get in trouble if I picked them. OH MY GOSH WHY AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT FOOTBALL ON MY BLOG?! 

I was considering doing a post every couple weeks or so of the music I'm listening to. And then I remembered I don't listen to new music anymore, and I'd just be suggesting old stuff which isn't quite the same. It's very weird to feel so out of touch with something that I love so much. So why don't you tell me what I should be listening to. PS- I was listening to some Better Than Ezra today. The second CD I ever owned was 'Deluxe' by Better Than Ezra and honestly I still listen to it ALL the time, 17 years after it came out. That TRIPS me out. I'm old enough to have a favorite CD that old?! What the what?

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