Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge Update

So I sucked on this one. I tried, really. But I'm not very good at taking pictures, nor am I very creative. So when I'm supposed to take a picture of water? I kinda look around in bewilderment and then give up. Whoops. Still, I did do a lot of them, so here are the ones I managed.

Day 9: Daily Routine. This guy waits while we get all his things ready for bed (Baby dolls, binkie, sound machine, pillow, blankies, etc etc.) And yes that is a crib sheet wrapped around our ikea chair. Don't ask.

Day 10: Childhood. I had no idea what this meant. I did happen to take this picture on the 10th tho, which is me embarrassing my kid. Nothing says childhood like parental embarrassements, right? 

Day 11: Where you sleep. Um. Yeah, my room is sad. Also I took this a couple days ago because I'd never gotten one on the 11th.

Day 12: Close Up. CAKE!
Day 13: Inside your Bag. Tried but never got it
Day 14: Something you're reading. Sadly, only the occasional magazine article.

Day 15: Happiness- My little guy playing

Day 16: Morning. Missed

Day 17: Water. What? That's Dr. Pepper you say?  ICE CUBES ARE WATER STUPID

Day 18: Something you bought. Nope
Day 19: Sweet. Nope
Day 20: Someone you love. So not hard, but I missed this one too.
Day 21: Reflection. Nope
Day 22: Your Shoes. Nope
Day 23: Something old. Nope
Day 24: Guilty Pleasure. Nope
Day 25: Something you made. Nope

Day 26: Color. Courtesy of Q

Day 27: Lunch. Well Archer had lunch anyway.

Day 28: Light. Nope
Day 29: Inside your fridge. It was too gross, lol
Day 30: Nature. Nope

Day 31: You, again. Meh. Blurry, but it's the only one I got.

I think I'm going to attempt it again this month. Fat Mum Slim posted a February challenge so lets see how I do this time.

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