Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A sigh of relief

Just a little update on Archer (he is two months old! So I'll have a post with pictures coming later.)
When we were still in the hospital after he was born one of the doctors heard a murmur in Archer's heart. A ultrasound confirmed a very small hole (and a couple of flaps that hadn't closed yet.) All expectations were that they weren't serious and should close up by themselves. We just had our followup appointment with the cardiologist and I'm happy to report that he could no longer hear the murmur. He said that was enough to know that it's probably closed, and can treat it as such. We just go back when he's 3 years old to have him checked out, but otherwise he's fine. I'm so relieved. I will say that getting blood pressure on a baby seems almost impossible and really uncomfortable for baby. They tried his arm first a couple of times, and then his leg. Poor guy cried and cried, and they never got it anyway. He handled his multiple vaccinations later that day much better. Oh, and keeping Q occupied while we waited was so annoying. A tiny room and an active curious toddler do not mix. Aye aye aye.... Anyway, I'm so relived!
Here's the little guy sleeping off the vaccinations.

Don't stare for too long or you'll get serious baby fever

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  1. Oh, the baby fever...that is some serious sweetness!