Monday, February 20, 2012

Talk Talk, all you ever say is "blah blah blah"

It's strange this whole blogging thing. My main point in doing it is to document the little things going on. So posts like the Friday Five, or the monthly updates on the boys- those are easy. They're what I'm here for in the first place. But I sometimes wonder what else I might have to say. What else I might want to write down and get out there. It should be no big mystery that I'm not much of a writer. The most I can usually hope for is relatively decent grammar, few spelling errors, and for maybe a few people to chuckle here and there. (Did I just throw out a "chuckle"? I don't think that's a word I really use. I feel weird now.) Anyway, my point is I sometimes feel like I want to do more than that. But then I feel stuck. What to write about? No, I can't write about that- no one will find that interesting. No not that- its too weird. Or I think of something, and maybe even start a post but never finish. So what I'm saying basically is that I may or may not start trying to put more out there. Or it'll continue to be an occasional update on the boys and not much else. I guess that's okay too.

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  1. I think you should write about whatever you feel that you might want to look back on and read. Sometimes it's the cute, fluffy stuff. And sometimes its a subject that's a little more serious! But that's the great thing about having a personal blog - you can write whatever you want! :)