Friday, February 24, 2012

Thifty loo hoo

Ok, so I don't do the thrifting thing all that often. I lack patience for one. And for another thing... well I'm about to admit something that might get me shot. I know this is not the opinion of most the bloggers out there today, but.... I don't care for "vintage" too terribly much. Every once in a while, sure. And true antiques sometimes catch my eye. But all the love people have these days for "treasures" from the 60s and 70s? Sorry, but no love here. But look, that really just works in your advantage, right? Cause I'm gonna leave that pyrex behind and move along. But thrifting isn't about what you get, but rather getting stuff CHEAP, right?! That I can get behind. Generally there are 3 things I look for when I go: Books- always books first, clothes when I have the time and patience, and picture frames. Oh, I used to look for CDs too, but don't find much anymore that I want.
Anyway, last weekend I made Shawn stop at Value Village so I could take a run through real quick. I'm working on gathering frames for a couple of gallery walls (this will take some time, as I can't really afford to buy a ton of picture frames all at once) and I was hoping to find a couple. Luckily I scored 2 in decent shape that I plan to paint white to fit my plans. I was also able to grab 8 books for the boys, and 2 for myself. And three jacket/sweaters for Q. I think I spent about $20. Nice!

And all of this is just in time to join along with High on Thrifting Thursday over at Harper's Happenings! Yay! Just a few days late is all.


Books for Q. (Had to retrieve half of these from under the couch to take a picture and still couldn't find one of them). Oh, and I was so excited to find a Mickey Mouse book, since Quinn loves him so much. But it is the DUMBEST book I've ever read. Seriously, it makes no sense. And that My Doll is Lost book? Sesame Street book circa 1984, which means- NO ELMO! HAHA. And yes it's in front of an Elmo book. I can't help it- Q loves that stupid snotty monster.

I did pick up a couple of books for me. I was really excited for the Emily Giffin book, then realized I read it last year. Still, nice to add to my collection.

Cute Sweater & hoodie for Q (I bought a Jacket too-Broncos, Shawn's favorite football team, but Q had already gotten it dirty and it was in the wash).

And finally here are the frames I scored. The three little ones on the left are new. But I got them at Aaron Brothers on sale with some emailed coupons, so still a good deal! Those are for a small frame gallery wall I want to do above my nightstand. I can't wait to have enough frames and get it put together!

This has actually got me kinda jazzed to go more frequently. Now I just have to remember to yell "STOP!" when we're about to drive past a thrift store and make Shawn pull over. Ha ha! 

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