Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Five

1. Number One with a Bullet- I found new jeans! Thank goodness. Because I haven't worn jeans since somewhere in my 2nd or 3rd trimester. They're not perfect, but I've been having such a hard time finding anything that fit right. Either things dug into my post-baby belly, or gaped in the back (ALWAYS WITH THE GAPS IN BACK!), Or I couldn't get them pulled up past my knees (I'm talking to you Levi's Curve ID Skinny Jeans. I didn't really want skinny jeans anyway, but I was grasping at straws by that point) ANYWAY- There's an American Eagle in the building I work in, so at lunch today I gave it a shot. So glad. I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl and I was wearing my maternity slacks EVERY DAY. One Pair of pants. For both home and work. I also bought a new t-shirt because holy crap, am I sick of maternity clothes. I feel so much more like myself today I can't even tell you. I just wish I had my converse with me ; )

2. Quinn is 23 months old today!! (23 Month Update coming soon! Maybe!) What a great kid he is. I'm trying to soak up these mostly still easy days, as I know Toddler Meltdown city is on it's way. We're lucky enough at this point the tantrums are pretty rare. We had a point some weeks ago that seemed like the beginning, but he was cutting his molars. Those are mostly in now, and he's back to normal. For now. Also? I got him to say 'I Love you' the other day. It was a little gibberishy, and he was just repeating it because I asked him to. Still. I got a little over excited standing in the Safeway produce department.

3. Speaking of my little/ big guy- We have less than a month now until his party! Invitations are on their way out. I've ordered some adorable supplies, and am brainstorming like crazy. I've also spent a lot of time cutting strips of paper for streamers and paper chains. One thing I'm not doing this year are games and party favors which is a bummer. But for one, he's too young to get it anyway. Also there won't be many kids (also a bummer but we don't have many friends/family with kids his age) to enjoy them. Next year I'm all over it though.

4. So I decided Q needs a new Mickey shirt for his party, being a Mickey Mouse theme and all. And then decided Archer needed one too. So Shawn and I were cruising the Disney Store the other day checking out the options. And I'm seriously considering wearing a Mickey shirt, and making Shawn get one too. HA! DORKSSS!!!  At least they won't be matching. Probably.

5. I'm going out after work for Happy Hour again tonight! I decided that I should try and get out at least once or twice a month with girlfriends. So we're hitting up Gameworks for cheap happy hour, and I'm going to use some game tokens that I have collecting dust in my desk drawer. Watch out Tekken- I'm coming at cha.

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend dearies!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Archer is 3 Months Old!

3 Months Old! I somehow forgot how quickly this time goes. I will not be sad, I will not be sad, I will not be sad.
Well first of all little man is getting so big! The other day I tried some 6 month jammies on a whim (since things were seeming tight) and they totally fit just right. Holy cow! No, I'm not calling my baby a cow. Well, maybe a little. We don't have a checkup with the doctor until 4 months, so no weight/height stats this time.
Here are some new things:
Almost rolling from back to front. He hates being on his belly so I don't know if he can roll the other way. Plus it's hard to let him have floor time with Quintin stomping around all the time.
He still refuses a binkie and seems to prefer sucking his fingers. He's almost got the thumb figured out.

Sticking out his tongue, all the time. I love it!

Swatting at and trying to grab toys
Baby acne is gone! Still a little cradle cap, but otherwise he's soft and touchable again, haha. Oh and the birthmark on his eyelid is really faint now. The one between his eyes is still there, but pretty light. The ones on the back of the head and neck are still pretty dark.

Talk, talk, talking! This little guy is so vocal! He makes a crazy little squeak sound too that's adorable.
What a good sleeper! He's starting to wake more frequently during the night (Which seems backwards) but I'm hoping that's just because he's had the sniffles off and on for the last couple of weeks. Otherwise he naps great, and as of this weekend can be put down in his crib and fall asleep on his own. What? Yeah, he puts himself to sleep. I can't even. If I talk about it anymore I might jinx it.

We're still exclusively on breastmilk, which I'm ridiculously proud of. Might not have to break out the canister of formula we bought before he was born. I was supplementing w/ Q as soon as I went back to work, so I'm feeling great that I haven't had to this time yet. (I have NOTHING against formula feeding, promise.)

Here are a few more photos:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Friday Five

1. I had to go to the dentist last week. It was not good. I'm not going to tell you exactly cause it's so embarrassing. Let's just say I shouldn't have gone so long between checkups (I believe the last one was sometime before I got married, maybe 2008...) and I really need to put.down.the dr.pepper. But I just....can't! It's truly my only vice. I don't smoke, don't drink very often, don't like coffee. Still, it's ruining my teeth and making it impossible to lose the baby weight. From Q. So yeah.

2. So on Saturday Shawn had borrowed his dad's truck so we could finally go buy a crib for Archer. He decided while he was out to stop at the hardware store for some shelving units for the garage (you know- to store all the stuff we haven't unpacked, holiday junk, etc). So he came home with those. And two trees. What the what? A Japanese Maple and an apple tree. We haven't done anything with the yard since we bought the house in August. And we don't have any trees in our front or back yard. I believe the maple will go in the backyard corner that borders two other houses. Start working on blocking our view of the trampoline in one if the yards, Haha. Now, wish us luck because we know nothing about plants or gardening. I'm hoping we don't kill these things.

3. And like I mentioned we finally got a crib for Archer. What? He's only 3 months old, lol. I think he'll sleep really well in his crib. He's truly just the best little sleeper. I'm really hoping this isn't jinxing anything, but let me tell you. I feed him somewhere between 7 and 9, and lay him down on his play mat or next to me on the couch. He entertains himself for awhile and then falls asleep by himself. And stays asleep mostly nights when we move him to the bassinet. And sleeps until 3 or 4 or 5. Seriously this kid is just awesome.

4. I've never had a problem with girl scout cookies. I'm not really into Thin Mints (don't shoot!) so I've never fallen into the girl scout cookie trap. Until now. See the thing is? Savannah Smiles. Do you remember Lemon Coolers? These are like Lemon Coolers. So delicious. And Shawn bought me a box. Then 5 more. I don't really think there will be any left by the end of the weekend.

5. So I've done it. I've ordered the invitations for Q's second birthday. Clearly he's just gonna go ahead and turn two whether I want him to or not. Rude! Besides being in denial about my baby growing up, I'm actually kind of excited. I just super love birthday parties. I'm doing a Mickey Mouse theme, and hoping to add some homemade elements to the Party City decor. I think it's gonna be really fun!

Okay dearies, have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Five

Another week, another five. Weeeee

1. So last Saturday one of my best girlfriends was supposed to come over with her baby girl. But plans feel through when my boys both woke up with the sniffles. Booo! BUT- we rescheduled for tomorrow! Yay! So once again- I can't wait!

2. Also- I decided if I wanted to go out for drinks so bad, I should just do it already. So tonight me and my other best girl are going out! Wahoo! What shall I have? Lemon Drop or 5? My standard Midori Sour? Something new? ALL of the above? Okay!

3. Okay, so fine. I saw everyone on twitter talking about the DrawSomething app and felt left out and confussed. So I downloaded it. And then I downloaded it on my husbands phone. Then I made a co-worker download it. And so yes I'm obsessed. User name: meghankaty   .... if you dare. I am .... not good.

4. I think a trip to Ikea might be in the works for this weekend. Little Archer still has no crib (He sleeps in our room in a basinette right now, but is outgrowing it at an alarming rate). Shawn told me the other day to look online and start thinking about what to get. I laughed in his face and told him I'd created and printed a shopping list on their website like 2 weeks ago. And it's just been waiting in my purse. Patiently waiting.

5. I finally pre-ordered 'Let's Pretend This Never Happened' from the one and only Bloggess. Have you preordered yet? Cause you should. Because, obviously. Plus, free signed bookplate! Oh, and this awesomeness just makes me so happy.
Have a super fabulous weekend dearies!