Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sunday funday!

We finally had nice enough weather to get outside this last weekend. So Sunday afternoon I broke out the box of sidewalk chalk I'd been saving for Q.

He played with it for a little while, but mostly liked taking it out of the box and putting it back in. Or lining it up. Toddlers are weirdos.

Lining em up

What he really wanted to do was play with his new best friend, green hose. Seriously, it's quite the love affair. He learned how to say Green Hose last week and has been obsessed ever since. Getting in and out of the car when the garage door is open we just hear Green Hose! Green Hose! Green Hose! Shovel! Oh, yeah. He has his own shovels and he's a little obsessed with those too.

Diggin up random grass patch with dad. Notice orange shovel and green hose are present as well

The thing about the hose is that, for one it washes all the sunscreen off him. And secondly, it's freezing. So once we let him play in the water time outside is going to come to an end pretty quick. And you know what that means- Crazy ass toddler fits and histrionics like you've never seen (Well, unless you've had a 2 year old.) You'd think once he starts shivering he'd be willing to come inside. Nope. We've even try to get him out of the shower with less drama by slowing turning the water colder...and colder.. and ... He squeals with delight. Yeah.

Shawn finally agrees to turn on the hose. (He isn't trying to get me here, he's watering a plant. Which is good cause I'd end him)

Running away from dad and the hose. Notice Archie's outside set up. Um. Not sure where Archie actually is though. Bad mom. KIDDING! I was holding him. I think. Oh, also we just got a new lawn mower yesterday so the grass is no longer taller than my child.

Oh, and we also had our first ever skinned knee. He handled it like a champ. Well until the next day when I pointed it out to him again and then you'd think he was dying. ( I KNOW! Rookie Mom here) And I was not allowed to put a band aid on it.

Ended the day with a trip to the grocery store and a free cookie (The free cookie was shaped like a bunny, as big as my hand and covered in chocolate. Thanks Fred Meyer.)

half devoured

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