Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A lovely long weekend

I had a couple extra days off work around memorial day and Shawn had the Friday before off, so we decided to take a little day trip up north. We stopped first in Mount Vernon to walk around a little and so that I could feed Archer. Q was being adorable and having a good ole time waking along with us, checking things out. But, note to self: bookstores with a 2 yr old? Um, perhaps not. At least, not if I want to actually look for books.
Starting the car trip by reading sweetly in the car

Yeah, we leash him. So what? He doesn't love being the stroller and he likes to run.

Checking out the River

Playing "piano" on the boardwalk

After we'd walked around for awhile we hopped back in the car and continued on north to Deception Pass State Park. We spent and hour or two on the beach throwing rocks in the water and squealing over how cold it was. And by we I mean Q. Okay fine, me too. Q just had a ball. I mean, I'm sure most 2 year olds love being outside exploring, gathering, playing. But seeing his joy is such a good reminder to make sure we get out at every chance possible. Trying to make sure we at least get one good long walk every weekend.

Having a snack before setting off to play

I caught a little cuddle ; )
Deception Pass Bridge

Failed attempt at a picture with Archer


Ignore me- Look at that EPIC Archie Stink Face. OMG!

Inspecting rocks. Also Q would like the hold the rock he's sitting on. "Hold it mama!"

One last failed atempt

Oh, well that's pretty cute

It was really a pretty perfect day. Perfect weather & happy kids. I'd like a repeat every weekend please and thank you.

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