Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Five

1. First things first: there will finally be a new look around here soon. I was lucky enough to win a Blog design from 17th Avenue Designs! I hope to get a chance in the next few days to actually get everything installed. It's Up now! Wahoo! Thanks Kate! (Also, hopefully I can get a few elements added back, like pages & a blog button, soon.)

2. This weekend is the big move with my mom. Crossing my fingers that it isn't a total nightmare. And, well if it is, at least it's almost all over with, right?

3. My favorite thing I read this week? This response to the Chick-Fil-A business. Many thanks to Jamie @ the Grumbles for tweeting it. Also, side note: I keep forgetting about Jane's site. I remember when Jane magazine was cancelled I was so annoyed.

4. I was listening to the Savage Love podcast (which I'd forgotten about but grabbed an episode of when getting some more Girl on Guy by Aisha Tyler podcasts) (She's hilarious btw) (also, I was listening with my headphones in and checked them 50 gabillion times to make sure everyone at the bus stop didn't have to hear the words anus or asshole over and over again) and was reminded when I first heard of Dan Savage. I'd just moved to the PNW after finishing high school, so 1996. (No YOU'RE old! Shut up!) I somehow came across a radio show he hosted on KCMU (now the beloved KEXP) called Savage Love Live. I used to tape it and send it to my girlfriend Z in Cali. I'm pretty sure everything I know about sex I learned from him (and co-host Mary, whom I loved), lol. So, uh, I guess- thank you Dan Savage. haha.

5. Can we all just give a big Hurrah for awesome husbands and best friends? Because, yeah.
Happy Friday! See ya on the other side of the weekend, with a little less stress and stress related headaches. Yeah?

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  1. Loving the new site design! And good luck this weekend!