Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Five

1. I have these little blurbs that pop into my head, and I'll write them (in my head) and they're interesting/funny/awesome. And then when I'm ready to type them out I've forgotten all about them. Okay, and so they might not be interesting. Or funny. Or probably not awesome. Whatever. Shut up. So's your face.

2. Sorry about that, I didn't mean to lash out at you. I love you. You're pretty and nice. And your hair looks really good today. I'm just still stressed out with this whole moving my mom into my house. It should be done THIS weekend. I guess.

3. We went out last night to get new shoes for Q (Who by the way is now in a size 9! I can't even.)  and I was struck again about carefully approaching the boys things vs. girls things. We immediately start considering converse, old school style slip on vans, and black nikes with bright orange swooshes. Q sees a Dora box and makes a beeline for them. Like "I don't know this Chuck Taylor you speak of. But Dora? That's my girl!" They didn't have any Dora shoes in his size, but it didn't matter because he then saw the most hideous rainbow colored, bedazzeled, light up shoes I've ever seen. He put one on at once and started stommping around in it. Again, they didn't have his size so we couldn't get them anyway. And we ended up buying a pair of gray vans from the boys section. But... I don't know. I feel like it's more or less a losing battle- keeping him from deciding things are only for boys or only for girls. Doesn't mean I won't buy him a pink shirt or a doll if he asks. I won't tell him he can't turn his blankie into a dress. And I won't correct him when he puts something on his head and calls himself a princess. Still, it just makes me... Sigh

4. I saw some excellent stuff on the internet this week, but since I'm still blogging from my phone, I can't share. Oh well, you've probably seen them, right?

5. Work fried my brain today, so I can't think of a #5 and Friday is already almost over, so I give up.

Happy weekending my dears! And if you're here in the PNW try not to complain too much about the heat; it's hot as hell but so rare I think we can handle it ;) Besides, we need these days to get us through the rainy months.

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