Friday, August 3, 2012

Life, lately

So much going on, who knows where to start. I'm a bad enough writer anyway, but everything I want to write about is more of a jumble in my head than usual. Know what I am good at? LISTS! *With jazz hands!*

-No internet at home, which is the main reason for no blogging lately. See also, Comcast can suck it.

-Okay, I'm really lazy which is the real reason for no blogging. I could blog a little from my phone (which I'm doing now) or take my laptop to work if I wasn't so lazy.

-Also the laptop needs a new battery and we just haven't gotten around to it since we aren't using it much (See no internet at home)

-Both Shawn and I have hurt ourselves in the last few months (Actually I guess mine was in like Feb or March. huh)  I messed up my back and Shawn torn some muscles in his calf. That kind of stuff makes life crazy. In other news, WE LOVE PAINKILLERS!!! Haha, kidding. Sorta.

-Archer is getting too big, too fast. We have: 5 teeth coming through, he's sitting up, pulling up to stand all the time, sleeping in his own crib in his room finally, tells jokes (runs his binkie against the crib rails, while it's in his mouth, and laughs), is very attached to mama right now, screeching very very loudly, eating foods finally! He's about 19lbs (25-50 percentile), and very tall/long- I think it was 29in (97 percentile I believe), w/ a small-ish head (25th percentile). Mostly though, like his big brother (see also: his favorite person in the world), he's just a sweet, smiley, happy baby. Boy do I love that little pink lump (Shawn's weird terms of endearment are clearly rubbing off on me.)

-Q is talk, talk, talking up a storm. Current favorites: I hold da babe (Translation: I'll hold my baby), I don't want it (Said when food is presented he does not approve of, or if he doesn't want to do something that's been asked of him), Oh Shit! (we're working on getting rid of that one, lol. Replacement therapy in process to change to Oh shoot!), Cuddle mama! (I mean COME ON!), I find it!, Listen (Okay, that's just one word, but the way he says it when he hears something and he wants us to hear it to? So cute!), and just a bunch of other cute stuff. He tries very hard to make sure he is saying things correctly, so he'll repeat them over and over until he gets it right. He's still pretty sweet and affectionate, giving us run by hugs and kisses all the time. And we have not yet entered full blown toddler madness yet, so that's awesome. Cause I'm so, so scared to reach that stage.

-My mom is finally moving into our house. I think. So the next few weeks will be utter madness. I'm trying not to stress too much, but well... I'm stressed.

-This week/weekend is BlogHer and holy overloaded twitter and instagram feeds! Honestly though I actually like seeing the updates and living vicariously through everyone else. I don't know that I would ever have the guts to go to something like that, or really a good reason. But it's fun to see everyone else go.

-We have finally had some pretty decent days here in the PNW weather wise, and we are trying to take advantage of it. Mostly our big thing is sticking to the plan of getting the boys out to a park of some kind for a good long walk and bit of exploring. It's been pretty fun and am enjoying discovering new parks all over.

Whew! I think that's all I can manage for now. Hopefully I can get the laptop battery replaced soon, get some pictures uploaded and actually up on the blog. Maybe. Possibly?
Haha! Happy Friday dearies!


  1. It's good to hear you check in!! YES, get that battery so I can see those cutie boys! Sorry you hurt your back...hope it starts getting better soon!

    1. Aw, thanks Emily. Yes, I have a lot of cute pictures I need to get posted : )