Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Happy Halloweenie!

I love Halloween. And I love that Q is now old enough to enjoy it. He's been trick or treating for weeks (walking around the house with his pumpkin bucket and putting toys in it, and calling them treats.) He's stoked to wear his dinosaur costume too! I think the actual trick or treat festivities tonight might just blow his 2 year old mind. 

Here's a little Halloween flashback:
2010: Q's first Halloween and a failed attempt to make him Shrek

2010: Trip to Dada's work, and a little mustache (I missed the application of that and apparently it was quite an ordeal)

2010: Dragon it is

2010: Trying to eat the pumpkins (They're better as pie kid!)

2011: Barely made it home in time to get this guy to the mall to check out the other kids. Cutest Skelington ever? Yes, yes he is.

2011: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA We bought this the year before hoping it would fit the next Halloween. It did not and he FREAKED out when I tried to put the hat and beard on him. HAHAHAHAHAHA

 2012: Hoping I get a good picture of this tonight! Riding a dinosaur costume!

2012: Q picked out a Chicken costume for Archer. This will probably not be happening tonight.Could barely get him in this and he refused the hat part. So he'll be revising Q's dragon from 2 years ago Probably

Whew! Lot of pictures, but I was just so excited to be able to post some today! (Let's hear it for Vacation Days and Starbucks wifi!) Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween! Have fun and stay safe!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Five: Seriously? That's all you have to say?

1. I just started to write this Friday Five with the MOST boring information. Which must be telling if the first thing I can come up with to start this list off is that I'm going to the eye doctor tonight and getting new glasses. I mean. Compelling shit, no?

2. Now I don't know where to go from here. I mean, I already admitted I don't have anything good today, so you'll know I'm faking it if I keep going.

3. Although I could just tell you I thought of something finally and it's really good, wait until you hear this.

4. But I still haven't thought of anything. At this point I'm thinking, am I really going to publish this list? This list of me saying I don't have anything to say?

5. But then again the internet is full of way more stupid stuff than this. Like this.

Haha, kidding. That was totally awesome. I just wanted to make you watch Glen Phillips. Here's some other awesome stuff I saw on the internet this week:
Telling it like it is @ Harper's Happenings
Side note: VOTE

The Paper Mama is doing the Holiday Photo Challenge again. I love seeing what people come up with.

I'd almost consider trying to come up with something but we are FINALLY getting family pictures taken by this amazing photographer and I COULD NOT be more excited! So I plan on having a nice family photo for xmas cards this year!

Yet another cute idea from Young House Love- Polka Dot Pumpkins! I totally want to do this!

Happy Friday all!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This week

Can you believe I STILL don't have internet at the house?! I mean. Come on. Thus, more blah blah blahing, and no pretty pictures.

Realized the other day that poor little Archer's room was getting pretty cold at night. Colder than the rest of the house actually. So Shawn bought a space heater yesterday to try and warm things up. And I don't know if the two are related, but for the first time in like, two weeks, Archer slept more or less through the night (4:40am to be exact). I could dance a jig from joy!

I've finally got back to reading again. The last couple of years with the having babies and all, I hadn't been reading as much. I've read a couple great books recently, and have a few more lined up (Thanks to some bday presents.) I might even blog about it. What? A post that isn't about my kids? Say what?

I really want to get out to a corn maze/ pumpkin patch soon. We were going to go a couple weekends ago, but the kids both fell asleep in the car so we kept driving. We didn't make it back that day, and I was bummed because it was PERFECT weather for it. Now we're back to the typical rainy rain and I'm afraid we'll have to sledge through the wet and the mud. Guess that just provides me the perfect opportunity to finally get my rubbers, as my mom would say. I'm speaking of rain boots, of course. AND more importantly I can finally get some for Q.

Did you see up there I said something about a birthday? Well, I had one. Again. Stupid having one every year. I'm still trying to decide if I will be one of those women that embrace my age, all "Look at me! I'm a *mumble mumble* years old woman and I love life! It's aging GLORIOUS!!" or if I've gotten to the point where I will just tell people I'm 21. My aunt was famously guarded of her age. She was an actress so of course she lied and always said she was younger than she was. One of my favorite stories of her: She was in a situation where someone needed to know her age, and not able to speak for herself at the moment the question was aimed to my uncle. Apparently the look she shot him was enough to make him stumble over his words, and I think probably lie a little. Anyway for now, we'll just say I'm thirty something. Like the show, except not. Ok fine, I'm 34. Blech.

I have gotten to the point where I really need to trim my bangs (Oh yeah, I got bangs! It's weird!) but I'm afraid to do it myself. Shawn has volunteered, but I declined that train wreck waiting to happen.
I got my nails done for the second time ever a few weeks ago, and tried the shellac polish. I freaking love it! It's perfect for me since it lasts so long and I don't really care about changing color all the time. The only problem? It does eventually wear down and needs to be redone. If anyone can think of a way to justify paying $30 every three weeks to get it redone, lemme know.

I'm going to the PNW Blogger meetup next month in Portland! Well, I should say I bought a ticket and might go. I might also freak out and come up with an excuse why I can't go. Which, let's face it, is more likely.

I'm getting to the point that while I'm not necessarily done with breastfeeding, I'm pretty done with pumping. Archer will be 1 at the beginning of December, and I might just stop pumping then. Well, if I can make it that far. I have, I hope, a post coming about that too.

This was too long, wasn't it? Oh well. It's lunchtime now, and that means wandering aimlessly through stores looking at things I can't/shouldn't buy. It's one of the awesome/sucky things about working in the city. Hope you're all having a lovely week my dearies!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Q, lately

Q is 2 1/2  today. If I think about how quickly time is speeding by I'll cry like a big blobbering blobber thing, so instead we'll just try and get through a quick update.

If you ask him to say his middle name, Montgomery, he'll say "mamagomery". Yes, it's adorable.

He can remember so many parts of so many books, it's kind of blowing my mind. We have a crap ton of books, so the fact that he is retaining so much is just so amazing to me.

Speaking of books, I took Q to the library for the first time last weekend. Mostly he was interested in the colorful rug in the children's section, and wanted to run and jump on all the letters and numbers printed on it. But he was willing to sit quietly with me to read quite a few books. Little man loves books which makes me so, so happy.

He's been very into monsters lately, which is being encouraged by Halloween. He loves to say "Oh no Dada Monster!" to try and get Shawn to chase him around the house. We're also constantly being chased by monsters and dragons when we're in the car, which makes for some very LOUD car rides.

He loves "Halloween stuff" and "trick or treats." He likes to drag his orange plastic pumpkin bucket (I wanted to buy a cute felt-y bucket, but he was of course drawn to the traditional plastic pumpkin) and put his toys in it and call them treats.

He's quite the bedtime staller and his newest thing to try? Telling me he needs to cuddle. Come. On. I've resisted so far, because I'm a monster. But I don't know, I might not be able to stop myself from pulling him out of his bed for a little snuggle the next time he asks.

When he's thirsty he doesn't need a drink, he needs a COLD drink.

He stopped saying '"Aprise!" when he means Surprise. It's kinda sad when they start saying things correctly, isn't it.

I don't think I'll tell you what he repeated after Shawn said it, but let's just say we really, really need to step up our game on watching the language. It's not even words that I'm so concerned about, but the phrases that come out of our mouths sometimes. ayeayeaye

In the last couple of weeks he has, unprompted, told me he loves me. And told me I'm the best. So, I win.

We have our tough days with him, because you know, he's 2. But mostly? This little dude is ridiculously amazing and smart and sweet and funny and silly. And I couldn't be more happy to be his mama.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Conversations w/ 2 year old

The other day in the car I asked Q what he wanted to be for Halloween. He's still just figuring out what all this means, but he's starting to get the costume part. I think.
Me: What costume do you want to wear for Halloween?
Q: Minnie!
Me: Okay. What should I be?
Q: Mickey!
Me: And what about daddy? (Holding breath... wait for it...)
Q: Goofy! (Ha! There it is!)
Me: And what about Archie?
Q: Um. Daisy!

Now if any of you can find me any of these costumes (With the exception of Minnie, which Target has) can you point me in the right direction? Lol

On the way to Denny's for a dinner of pancakes the other night I asked Q how many he was going to eat.
Q: 1, 2, 3, 4!
Me: Okay. How many do you think mama can eat?
Q: No Mama! Salad! 

Ok. Noted. Also, screw you kid! I'm eating a big ole stack of "cancakes"


Last night at dinner my mom was telling Archer he was being crabby. Following conversation took place
Mom (to Archer): You're a crab tonight, aren't you?
Archer: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHINE WHINE WHINE!!! FEED ME!!!! DON'T FEED ME!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!
Q: He's not a crab, he's a brother!

Then later than night, while brushing Q's teeth (ie: trying to shove the tooth brush in his mouth in an attempt to get even a little contact, while he giggles and squirms and chomps his mouth shut)
Me: You are such a wiggle worm!
Q: I not a worm! I Quinn!


Q's favorite song, without a doubt, is the theme song for Special Agent Oso. It's kind of funny to think that a 2 year old might get a song stuck in his head, but I think that might be the case, because he's always signing or humming it.
We noticed recently that he'll sing other words to the tune of Special Agent Oso.
For instance when he woke up the other morning, instead of just calling for us as he usually does he sang:
Mama dada, maaaamaaa
Mama dada, maaaamaaa
Um, adorable? Check. Clever? Check. He had a new one yesterday though. It was just him saying "pickle" over an over to the tune.  Weirdo. Also, clearly my child.