Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This week

Can you believe I STILL don't have internet at the house?! I mean. Come on. Thus, more blah blah blahing, and no pretty pictures.

Realized the other day that poor little Archer's room was getting pretty cold at night. Colder than the rest of the house actually. So Shawn bought a space heater yesterday to try and warm things up. And I don't know if the two are related, but for the first time in like, two weeks, Archer slept more or less through the night (4:40am to be exact). I could dance a jig from joy!

I've finally got back to reading again. The last couple of years with the having babies and all, I hadn't been reading as much. I've read a couple great books recently, and have a few more lined up (Thanks to some bday presents.) I might even blog about it. What? A post that isn't about my kids? Say what?

I really want to get out to a corn maze/ pumpkin patch soon. We were going to go a couple weekends ago, but the kids both fell asleep in the car so we kept driving. We didn't make it back that day, and I was bummed because it was PERFECT weather for it. Now we're back to the typical rainy rain and I'm afraid we'll have to sledge through the wet and the mud. Guess that just provides me the perfect opportunity to finally get my rubbers, as my mom would say. I'm speaking of rain boots, of course. AND more importantly I can finally get some for Q.

Did you see up there I said something about a birthday? Well, I had one. Again. Stupid having one every year. I'm still trying to decide if I will be one of those women that embrace my age, all "Look at me! I'm a *mumble mumble* years old woman and I love life! It's aging GLORIOUS!!" or if I've gotten to the point where I will just tell people I'm 21. My aunt was famously guarded of her age. She was an actress so of course she lied and always said she was younger than she was. One of my favorite stories of her: She was in a situation where someone needed to know her age, and not able to speak for herself at the moment the question was aimed to my uncle. Apparently the look she shot him was enough to make him stumble over his words, and I think probably lie a little. Anyway for now, we'll just say I'm thirty something. Like the show, except not. Ok fine, I'm 34. Blech.

I have gotten to the point where I really need to trim my bangs (Oh yeah, I got bangs! It's weird!) but I'm afraid to do it myself. Shawn has volunteered, but I declined that train wreck waiting to happen.
I got my nails done for the second time ever a few weeks ago, and tried the shellac polish. I freaking love it! It's perfect for me since it lasts so long and I don't really care about changing color all the time. The only problem? It does eventually wear down and needs to be redone. If anyone can think of a way to justify paying $30 every three weeks to get it redone, lemme know.

I'm going to the PNW Blogger meetup next month in Portland! Well, I should say I bought a ticket and might go. I might also freak out and come up with an excuse why I can't go. Which, let's face it, is more likely.

I'm getting to the point that while I'm not necessarily done with breastfeeding, I'm pretty done with pumping. Archer will be 1 at the beginning of December, and I might just stop pumping then. Well, if I can make it that far. I have, I hope, a post coming about that too.

This was too long, wasn't it? Oh well. It's lunchtime now, and that means wandering aimlessly through stores looking at things I can't/shouldn't buy. It's one of the awesome/sucky things about working in the city. Hope you're all having a lovely week my dearies!

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  1. When is this blogger convention exactly? I've been meaning to go to Portland sometime. Why, you may ask? For doughnuts. Yes, I would fly all the way to Portland to finally try VooDoo Doughnuts. And to crash a Blogger convention with you if you are too skeered to go alone. :)