Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Happy Halloweenie!

I love Halloween. And I love that Q is now old enough to enjoy it. He's been trick or treating for weeks (walking around the house with his pumpkin bucket and putting toys in it, and calling them treats.) He's stoked to wear his dinosaur costume too! I think the actual trick or treat festivities tonight might just blow his 2 year old mind. 

Here's a little Halloween flashback:
2010: Q's first Halloween and a failed attempt to make him Shrek

2010: Trip to Dada's work, and a little mustache (I missed the application of that and apparently it was quite an ordeal)

2010: Dragon it is

2010: Trying to eat the pumpkins (They're better as pie kid!)

2011: Barely made it home in time to get this guy to the mall to check out the other kids. Cutest Skelington ever? Yes, yes he is.

2011: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA We bought this the year before hoping it would fit the next Halloween. It did not and he FREAKED out when I tried to put the hat and beard on him. HAHAHAHAHAHA

 2012: Hoping I get a good picture of this tonight! Riding a dinosaur costume!

2012: Q picked out a Chicken costume for Archer. This will probably not be happening tonight.Could barely get him in this and he refused the hat part. So he'll be revising Q's dragon from 2 years ago Probably

Whew! Lot of pictures, but I was just so excited to be able to post some today! (Let's hear it for Vacation Days and Starbucks wifi!) Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween! Have fun and stay safe!

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