Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PNW Blogger Meetup

Saturday was the PNW Blogger Holiday Party put together by the fabulous Paper Mama. Now I've already mentioned how nerve racking this whole thing was for me. Add on top of that having to have my husband drive me (OMG Can I just get a license already?! What the freaking frack is WRONG with me?!) and cart the kiddos with us? I was feeling like maybe it was all too much work for a little blogger meetup.

Well, first of all, it was not little. 75-80 people attended. Yeah. And you know what? I totally think it was worth it. Look, I'm not a writer and have no aspirations to be one. At best I'm a documentarian-y person. Just go with it. The point is, I don't really feel the need to network or grow my blog or crap like that. I just want to post pictures of my kids and silly stories so I don't forget. BUT- I do want to meet people and be part of a community. I know. Throw up. But it's true. And of course, the whole pushing me out of my comfort level is probably beneficial.

Hey shitty drink. You better get me buzzed anyway.

 Anyway, we ended up in Portland about 20 minutes before 6. So I hopped out of the car and set off to find a bar. Two overpriced shitty drinks later, I made my way to West Elm, where the even was being held. Can we talk for a second about the awesomeness of this place? I'd seen their website, but never had been in one of their stores. (I didn't even know until last Friday that there's one in Seattle. Like I could probably walk to it on my lunch break. Oh Shit is right.) Basically I want to live in one is the thing. So I go inside and get in line to hand over my ticket and what not, and thank goodness for the lady in front of me for saying hello. It was the lovely Lindsay from Hey Normal Day who I didn't know of before, but was glad to meet someone to nice right off the bat.

Hey ladies and one dude. I'm just gonna stand here all alone and take pictures of you
I managed to talk to quite a few people. I had a pretty good stack of business cards to prove to Shawn I had. I met some really nice ladies and talked to 1 or 2 I'd met before (Carlee, Mary Ann, Kendra, Gracey, Nanette, Jess, Mandy, & probably some more people that I'm forgetting). And it sounds like plenty of people were nervous and/or didn't know anyone. So that helps. I mean, if someone is preoccupied with being nervous themselves maybe they won't notice you just started talking about testicles. Kidding. I did not talk about testicles. (I did in a meeting at work the other day though I think, which is just weird.)

Adorable Chelsea giving away stuff! Including a pair of jeans, to meeeee

This snow globe? Awesome. I though it was a gnome, but I think it's supposed to be Santa. Whatever. Gnomey should have come home with me and I have sadness that he didn't.

In summary: I had fun, I met cool people, my Blog reader is out of control now, I will totally do this again. The End.


  1. It was so nice to meet you! I really wanted to win those jeans. See you at the next meet-up! ;)

    1. It was nice to meet you too! Next meetup has gotta be less nerve racking, right? Now we can go and be all hey what's up people I've kinda met before? Lol

  2. I always laugh out loud at your posts - that first drink caption is the BEST! I'm so glad you were able to go (and bummed I didn't) but it's silly because we live in the same friggin' city so we should get together sometime! Maybe West Elm shopping!! haha!

    1. Haha, thanks. And yes we should totally get together! I mean, geeze! Shopping or drinks or something!