Monday, April 8, 2013

Around Here

A lot going on. And also, not much going on. You know what I mean?

First of all Q's 3rd birthday is in like, a week. I feel like I spend a lot of time on this blog freaking out about my babies growing up too fast and all that so I'm going to try not to do that. Instead I'm just going to try and enjoy my crazy almost-3yr-old. This kid. He's just so dang awesome. You know, when he's not making me want to rip my hair out. The things he says... just astound me sometimes. I keep trying to take note of all the funny little things he says, but I can't keep up. And sometimes it's more of the tone or way he says something that catches me off guard. There's no way to put in words how cute it is when he says "I yove you too mommy" It's just... perfect. Last night he'd woken up because his foot was bothering him. He was hysterical, as is the way it goes a little too often at night these days. So I carried him out to the couch and laid him down with his blue baby & blue blanket. I got him some "purple medicine" and a "purple drink" (water with grape flavor) and laid down with him. He'd calmed down and was just laying quietly. I said "you're so handsome, aren't you?" and he said quietly "yeah" and I said "and so smart!" and he replied "yeah" again. And then continued to agree with all my praises .. "and funny... silly... such a good big brother" Just makes me want to squeeze the heck out of him.

So after I recover from my baby turning 3, I'll be embarrassing myself at yet another blogger meet up! Yea! This time it's in Seattle though, so at least it's close-ish to home. I'm excited/nervous, per usual.

Then in May I'll be joining the Bloggers for Babies team for the March of Dimes! I've been wanting to join the last couple of years but haven't been able to. I'm very excited to be raising money for babies! Trying to decide how to bring my babies with me. Pretty sure I can't convince Q to ride in a stroller, so I'll probably just make Archer suffer through ; )  Oh and hey- You got a few bucks? Head on over. I've set a modest-ish goal. But the team goal is $5000 and we have a ways to go.

How about we end with a sweet picture? Mr Q feel asleep on the couch after dinner a few weeks ago, which NEVER happens. So sweet.

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