Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five: The return of the Internet

1. So we finally have Internet at home again, hallelujah! Although I did go back to Comcast which is annoying. And don't even get me started on the ordering process. I'll just say if you're going to let me order online and then make me end my order with  a live chat and go through the whole order all over again, don't let me choose my options first. Just start with the live chat you stupid son of a....

2. Hi. You look pretty today.

3. We also now have a new computer. Yay? Weren't really planning on that one, but well, our laptop died. It was kind of the worst timing ever, and we couldn't really go without. So. Yay. Windows 8 is so confusing!

4. After 2 or so years of thinking about it, I finally decided to start doing Project Life. It's scrapbooking but simpler. You can go look for a better explanation than I could give you. I've tried scrapbooking over the years, but I'm not especially creative and just never got anywhere. This is perfect because I don't have to be creative BUT I can be if/when I feel like it (and use up some of the stuff I've collected over the years.) I'm really loving it so far. I'm embellishing cards a little bit, mostly just washi tape (WASHI ALL THE THINGS!) and a little bit of stickering/lettering here and there. I very much recommend checking it out if you like the idea of scrapbooking but it's too overwhelming for you.

5. Did I mention I was participating in the March of Dimes walk? Oh, I did. Well anyway, if you like, have a few dollars.... You can't get mad at me for asking again because IT'S FOR THE BABIES!

Happy Friday!!

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