Into the Great Wide Open

Seemed like it was time to write about my romance with Shawn. Hahahaha. That sounds ridiculous. How about: this is how we met and hooked up? No, sounds skanky. Um. The story of us? Cheesy.  Whatever. This is about him and me.

Don't Come Around Here No More
So the very first time we met was Oct 14th 2004. We both started a job at a bank on the same day. I know we talked a little that day, though I don't really remember how much or what about. He never actually asked me out (I don't think, though I have a crap memory) but I guess I knew that he liked me and I just didn't really no how to react, so I didn't.

The Waiting
He must be ridiculously patient. He didn't persue me persistently, but he also didn't really give up. We'd chat sometimes, hang out after work for drinks with co-workers. Little gifts would mysteriously appear at my desk, like bags of mini chips (I might be slightly addicted to chips) or Christmas ornaments. I even found out after the fact that he'd been trying for awhile to track down bagel dogs for me (which are surprisingly hard to find and I LOVE.)

Here Comes My Girl
Well, he almost gave up. I started to notice that he wasn't really stopping by my cubicle to chat, and even when he'd walk by he wouldn't say anything. At first I thought, okay well he knows I'm not interested in a relationship and has given up. But then I started to get kind of annoyed. Just because I didn't want to date him didn't mean we couldn't be friends, did it? So I decided to email him and see what was up. I mean, we'd never actually discussed him liking me, and he'd never actually asked me out. He basically told me I sucked and was treating him poorly, I apologized about not knowing how to act like a decent human being when someone liked me and I didn't return the feelings.  And we decided to be friends. So we started hanging out. We ended up having the same lunch break at work and started going on walks together. The nice thing about working in a city is its easy to find some place to wander and talk. That lead to us chatting online in the evenings after work. We got to know each other a lot during those conversations. We'd stay up way too late and be exhausted at work. But I so looked forward to those conversations and lunch dates.

You Got Lucky
On July 4th of 2006 he invited me to hang out with him and another friend (I later found out he didn't actually invite someone else), and spend the day at Olympic National Forest. I agreed and we spent the best day together. I had such a good time, but still wasn't thinking too much about us dating or anything. Then he invited me to a Tom Petty concert. Getting all the Tom Petty references now? No? You're lame.
KIDDING. Sort of. Anyway, he came up with something he knew I couldn't refuse. The date of the concert was July 30th 2006. I think he bought the tickets before even asking me, gambling on whether I'd actually say yes. Of course, I did. That night sort of changed everything, and after that... well we started actually dating.

You Wreck Me
It took really no time at all to go from friends to dating to being head over heels in love. After the concert we started spending all of our time together and by the end of the year, I moved in with him. Sure it was quick in the time frame of our relationship, but really we'd taken 2 years to get to that place. So we were living together, spending all our time together. Holidays and trips and movies and staying home and just being super in love. Then on Christmas morning 2007 he proposed! I obviously said HELL YES! Actually I was crying a lot and probably barely got out an audible yes (Again, I have a crap memory for details.) We were engaged for almost a year before we really started planning. Then we picked a date and planned the whole thing in less then six months. We were married on May 23 2009! I'll do a separate page for that, but suffice it to say it was just the loveliest day ever.

Into the Great Wide Open
Here's where I write something cheesy about... Happily ever after or something. Sure we're only a couple of years into this thing. But they say when you know, you know. Right? 

Our First Xmas together 2006

New Years Eve 2006

Our First Weekend trip 2007

Off to Texas! 2008

Married? Yeah, married!

And a happy little family!