Quintin Montgomery

Quintin Montgomery was born April 16th 2010. Here are some of the monthly pictures I took of him for his first year. They weren't all taken on time, but I got a picture of him in everyone of those dang stickers, so I consider that a success.

Well first we need to see that adorable little newborn

One month old and a little smile:

2 Months. We tried to take some pictures outside (sorry it's sideways; It's a cannon camera/Blogger thing apparently. Working on fixing it)

3 Months and I finally tried to start a consistent picture taking spot. Also? Oh my gosh what a happy baby!

4 Months, or the month he was so cooperative and smiley I got about a billion adorable pictures.

5 Months:

6 Months and we got maybe 10 pictures and none of them laying down. At least I got a smile:

7 Months:

8 Months and he would.not.stop.moving. Finally Shawn held him so I could at least get a picture of his face, and not just his behind as he crawled away:

9 months and still very much on the move. Most of the pictures I go were a blur, lol

10 Months, maybe taken closer to 11 months...

11 Months taken the same day as the 10 month pics. Whoops!

12 Months and a Happy Birthday Boy! (not sure why his nose looks orange...)

There he is, my sweet boy and his first year!