Monday, September 17, 2012

That's incredibly rude, sir

Also titled: Things my kid is clearly learning from me.

Recently Quinn has taken to shushing us when he wants us to be quiet. It started when we'd turn a song on in the car he didn't like and he'd get kinda mad at us. We'd sing along really loudly to some awesome classic rock song and he'd tell us "NO!"  Oh, excuse me your highness but I can't listen to anymore freaking Katy Perry. (Clearly he spends too much time in the car with my husband listening to Pop music crap I can't stand- and he LOVES it. I need to work on that...)  Anyway, the other day Shawn told me Q flat out shushed him while he was talking AND THEN said "Be quiet! Archie's Sleeping!"  Archer was not sleeping.  And Q did it to me the other day. And maybe I need to work on making him be polite or not lying or whatev, but I'm sorry that shit is funny. And I cracked up. Loudly.

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