Sunday, August 18, 2013

Because it can't be too easy

Some updates shall we?

When we signed paperwork to sell our house we agreed to the closing date, selected by the buyer, of August 15th. It actually worked out perfectly and gave us about 45 days. About a week or two ago we found out the buyer wanted to extend closing, as he'd be out of the country on the 15th. Okaaay. I mean, you picked the date dude. Who does that? We waited to get an official extension to sign. And waited. We eventually got it- the evening of the 16th. To say the process is frustrating, is an understatement. So now we wait up to 2 more weeks, but hopefully before. Everything has been going fairly smoothly with this whole process thus far, so I guess we're due for a few bumps in the road. So that's where we are with that part of this process.

I have about... lemme check...11 more working days. Can't pretend I'm not excited about that. This is closing a chapter on almost 9 years of my life. I don't even know how to process that. HA!

Among all the other upheaval going on, we (IE: Shawn) decided I needed to get my license before we left on the trip. (Yes, I'm 3*COUGH*Something*COUGH* and don't have a license). I get it. It's not fair for him to have to do all the driving on the 1st part of the trip (My girl Racheal will join us halfway through the trip and be able to take over some of the driving.) But to add another stress to my towering list wasn't really my idea of a good time. Anyway, I agreed. Thursday we stopped a licensing office to see about taking the written test and getting a driver permit. Well that's all outsourced now, for the most part, to driving schools. So we go to a driving school not far away. I pop in, pay $25 and take the test. It's like 1994 all over again. I pass (can you imagine if I didn't?!) and we head back over to the licensing office and I pay another $25 for a permit. The kicker? They punch a hole through my enhanced ID and tell me I'll have a new one in the mail in about 20 days. I'm supposed to be in Banff Canada in... oh, about 20 days exactly. We already have our hotel booked for 2 nights. So. Plus I already put a hold on our mail for a couple weeks. I have no idea what's going to happen. Hopefully it will come before then. Of course that means I'll have to go to the post office to get my mail, which will cancel the hold. And then... I don't know. Thinking about it causes my stress headache to return.

We got a new car- a GMC Acadia. We wanted something with 3rd row seating and were leaning towards a Honda Pilot. Then we saw a used Acadia that hit all the marks on our checklist. Plus it was a little newer than what we thought we would be getting (2008). PLUS it's red. And that is Q's favorite color. Like obsessively his favorite. All the change going on has been tough for him. He of course doesn't understand what's happening. He got very upset about the new car. Has been having a hard time understanding why all his things are packed up. It's just tough all around.

Now I have 18 (WHAT?!) days to try and see everyone to say good-bye. And enjoy the PNW summer. And book/plan the majority of our trip to Texas. And... and ....and....

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  1. Meghan I swear we live in the same twilight zone ... I found a comment you made on peck life or something, lol, and you had me from "1 year old trying to kill himself everyday..oh wait..." LMAO accept it was my 2 year old trying to OFF ME! And she's succeeded at everything but LOL!! Come stop by my not often updated blog over at on Wordpress Id love to have you around--Thank You for sharing! You are hilarious