Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Behold the Pods

How to move your shit to Texas: A tutorial. 
Decide moving stuff via "pods" is the way to go. Call around to find out which place is going to financially drain you the least. Estimates for thousands of dollars later, land on Uhaul. Schedule a drop off and pick up date that will give you over a week to load up an entire household of stuff. On scheduled drop off date wait for Uhaul to call you with a delivery window. Wait. And wait. Mid-Afternoon, get a call that they'll be there at 11:30. PM. Agree because, what option is there? Later on get another call asking if you maybe please wouldn't mind moving the delivery to the following day. Agree because it's already after 8 pm and what the shit choice do you have? They will be there no later than 2pm. Promise. Next day, 2 pm rolls around....nothing. 3pm... Hey, what's that? They're here! Finally. "Mandi" looks tired and frazzled so you just say "no problem" when she apologizes for the delays.

I think the orange adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the curb appeal, don't you?

Now. Who wants to help us move our furniture into these damn things?

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  1. LOL, so typical when you are trying to get something done! I do have a soft spot for orange. :)