Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Five

Happy Friday!

1. I got my first real run as the mom of two boys this week, as I was home with both of them by myself for the last couple of days. The first day was hard. Sleep isn't always so great these days (although better than expected to be honest) and so I was cranky when I woke up. And being pulled in two different directions all day is hard. It will most definitely take some getting used to. Oh, and it would help if someone could teach Q what "just a minute" means.

2. Debating if I should make any new year's resolutions. I don't normally bother- I know myself and my laziness well enough to know my follow thru isn't so great. But Shawn told me I have to. So I have one day to think on that. I'll let you all know if I come up with anything.

 3. I'm recovering from my c section pretty well and thanks to breastfeeding have lost a fair amount of the baby weight. But I'm anxious to get out of these maternity clothes. I have a few weeks before I should be ok to work out, so any good post pregnancy work out suggestions are welcome. Also, this won't be a resolution because I suck at working out and might very well never get around to it.

 4. In place of a 20 month update on Q I will at least say his vocabulary is exploding! I mean, for the most part he won't repeat things he's said without coaxing, if at all. Still, it's exciting. Today the word of the day is 'No' which he says very cutely and for no specific reason most of the time. I love it. You know, for like another day or so and then I'll hate it.

5. Next week we're hoping to finally get some things done around the house. We really haven't done much since we moved in. If nothing else we're hoping to get Q's room painted and put together finally. Now we just need to decide on a paint color.

Okay Q is demanding my attention (grabbing my arm to drag me who knows where and whining 'noooo'. Already not cute anymore) so off I go. Have a great weekend!

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