Monday, December 26, 2011

Introducing Archer Oliver!

Whew, I'm back. It's been a busy couple of weeks. You know, having a newborn and a 20 month old and all. My new little guy was finally born on December 6th at 9:19am. Weighing in at 8lbs 13oz, 21 inches. Unfortunately despite our efforts to get him turned around and ready for delivery, waiting and waiting, and having contractions for over a week, the little guy was unwilling to come on his own. We eventually had to actually go to our scheduled C-Section. I'd been hopeful labor was starting the day/ night before as I was having pretty frequent painful-ish contractions, but they never progressed any further. But no matter, he's here now and healthy, which is all that matters.
Here's a peek at his Adorableness:

Looking very much like his big brother

Aw, a little birthmark for me to smooch

 Shawn & Archer

 Mama and Archer

Just missing our little Q

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  1. Congratulations! He is such a cutie and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!! Hope you are recovering well and adjusting to your new life with 2 boys, so exciting! :)