Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thrifty loo hoo: Part Two

Finally got out again on Memorial Day Weekend for a Value Village/Goodwill/St Vincent hop. As usual I was mostly looking for books & frames. And although there were good sales happening, there were also a billion people out picking through everything. Also, as usual, I didn't have the patience to dig through clothes. But I scored a big stack of books for the boys, one for myself and a couple of frames. As usual the kids books were between $0.69-$0.99 each (plus a couple free from value village I think.) My book was $2 and the frames were $5 or $6 for all 4. I hope to hit up some garage sales this summer and see if I can find some really good deals. Here are some crappy pictures of my finds:
An excellent haul of books for the boys. Q's especially fond of the Little Eisenstein's. I like Oscar's rotten birthday. And a Sandra Boynton book we don't actually have! 

Oh, and I almost forgot this book I found a few weeks ago. I had a version of this as a child but this one has illustrations by Gyo Fujikawa, who wrote my very favorite book from childhood, Oh What a Busy Day. It was at a used book store, so it wasn't as cheap- $8, but I couldn't resist. There are however some questionable poems I might be omitting from story time, lol.

Couple of plain frames I can paint and a 2 pack of brand new Ikea frames!

A new book for me! I might even read it! 

The big score of the day goes to my best girl Racheal though. Outside St Vincent were a couple of patio/ bistro table style chairs. She'd just been talking about wanting something for her patio, so this was quite good luck. She considered them, at $14 each not a bad deal, but wasn't sure. Then we realized that everything was half off. She hauled her ass outside and grabbed those puppies up! They're not in perfect shape, but pretty damn good.

Racheal and I are really going to try harder to get out thrifting more often. I say that all the time, but I really mean it this time! No, really! And maybe I finally get something kinda interesting for a change?

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  1. Gyo is my very favorite too! I saved my childhood versions of all her books and we still read them to Sky. :)