Friday, July 6, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Archer is 7 Months Old

Let's not even talk about my lack of posting, K?
Moving on.
Archer is 7 months old! Holy Cow! I can't handle that. He's full on sitting up, pulling up to stand, for reals crawling (after quite a few weeks of that scootch & pull method of getting around), has 4 teeth coming in, and is finally eating solid foods. Sometimes (We are truly terrible parents and need to like, feed this poor kid more) (and don't even get me started on the fact that we hadn't pre-scheduled his 6 mo checkup and by the time we tried to schedule it we weren't able to get an appointment until Aug. When he's 8 months old. Poor, poor 2nd child.)
For now I just have pictures from my phone (Who am I kidding, the pictures I took with the actual camera aren't any better anyway). He's quite a mover now too, so a lot of blurry pictures were taken. Well until he got to the box of diapers and just stayed there for 10 minutes playing with in until he got cranky and then picture time was over. Yay!

Happy blurry Baby!

Are we done here lady?

Q showing Archer his bandage (he refuses to say band aid)

*10-16-12 This post was prety much finished but never posted. Backdating the post so it's not lost and forgotten forever, lol

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