Thursday, November 17, 2011


(Okay, this is quite late, but I had it mostly written sitting as a draft. So damnit, I'm posting it)
Halloween was a little off this year for us. We both love the holiday (Well, Shawn especially) but being in the new house, and with me being pregnant- we really didn't do any decorating. Then Shawn had to be away unexpectedly this last weekend and didn't get back home until Sunday night. Which meant we didn't even get around to carving pumpkins. Sad face.

We hadn't really planned out what we would be doing on Halloween. We both had to work, with Shawn & Q home after 5 and I get home after 6. So that really limits the possibilities. We'd been invited to a party, but Shawn wasn't feeling great and I really wanted to do some kind of trick or treating activity w/ Q. Of course to make this even more complicated there were streets blocked off downtown Monday after work, buses had to be rerouted, madness ensued. The result being that I wasn't home until 6:45ish. Meanwhile we've apparently moved to the land of trick or treaters. While I was on a bus hoping to get home RIGHT NOW, Shawn was trying to feed Q dinner while handing out candy to a ton of kids. They were even coming in droves as Shawn tried to get Q in the car to come pick me up from the park & ride. He actually grabbed the candy bowl and brought it to the car with him, and was handing candy out as he was trying to leave.
Anyway, we decided to head to the mall to just walk around and look at all the other kids dressed up. Q loves kids and has no idea what candy is, so it worked well. Just beware if you're dressed as Spongebob or Elmo. Apparently Q went after a Spongebob earlier in the day.
But we got to get little guy dressed up and take pictures (I don't believe there's a single one where he was looking at me) at least.

Arriving at the mall and seeing all the kids everywhere

Blurry, but just to remember how he likes holding both our hands
 Uh-oh, someone spotted a tiny spongebob

At least Shawn can look at the camera 

He's smiling!

Trying to get him to look

Nope, not gonna look

So a pretty simple Halloween this year. Next year... well I'll have a 2 1/2 & 1 year old next year. That's exciting and scary all at the same time. Whew. Hope you all had a spooky Halloween!

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