Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week in pictures. Kinda

I haven't been great about taking pictures lately. So instead of the last week, these are from the last couple of weeks.

(I swear I'm going to work on doing a nice neat little box/graph format instead of just a long trail of them. I'm just so lazy.) (Also editing my crappy pictures. I really should start doing that too....)

Party tricks

First Merry-Go-Round ride! Weeeee!

More Party tricks

Sleepy boy

Um. I don't think you fit anymore kiddo

Awwww, someone greeted me with happy flowers to start my Maternity Leave. Best. Husband. Ever. 

Yes I will sit at the bar and order a root beer float

Someone showed Q a little massager

NEVER any Q's

Someone has discovered throwing stuff over the gate and down the stairs (including my cutting board. and dirty baby socks. and paint chip samples. and toys.)

Look Ma! No Hands!

Someone got to have a whole pizza slice!

Dada lets Q draw with markers

Getting the bassinet put together

Getting tiny baby clothes ready

The best way to start a date day with your husband. 

11:11am on 11/11/11. A xmas pressie for Q 
 Yummy lunch date with Shawn

 I see other bloggers talking about Hobby Lobby all the time, and we finally have one here.

Cuddles on preggo mama's belly

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