Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our (LONG) Weekend

A couple of weeks ago Shawn had to head out of town, leaving me and Q alone. I don't drive, so we were pretty much home the whole time (apart from Saturday when we got out. Thank goodness for best friends to the rescue!) It was tough. But I've decided there's no point in rehashing the hard parts, or how exhausting it was, or how many time outs I had to put Q in (I lost count anyway; And he only got them for running on the couch.)  But instead decided I should focus on the good parts. I mean, after all, I got to spend three days with my favorite little person. Something I complain all the time about not being able to do full time. So- some highlights:

Watching him learn how to do something after showing him once or twice. Like hook together his pop toys (I have no idea what these are actually called). 

Sweet note Shawn left for us to come home to

Seeing him start to play make believe games. For instance I tried to vacuum on Friday, after the dog hair started to make me crazy. And my crazy preggo hormones reached critical heights. Q loves the vacuum, although these days, he'll move out of the way while it's on and only touch it or come close if it's off (which actually enables me to use the dang thing). Later in the day I noticed him using his long string of plastic pop toys (Seriously, what are they called?!)  to mimic vacuuming the floor. He was making a little ... vacuum noise and would even pull a couple of the links off the chain and brush those on the ground, I guess like it was an attachment. So. Fracking. Adorable.

The state of my couch for the weekend, and a naughty boy. (The table is only half baby proofed because it was against a wall before we moved into the house. Guess we should finish or take that stuff off, huh?)

As I was sitting on the floor (among EVERY toy he has, scattered around) he came up behind me and just lay against my back to take a break and watch tv for a moment. I've seen him do this with the dog too. So sweet.
This is partially picked up. It was so much worse most of the time.

On Saturday when he was getting tired, he grabbed my hand and put it on the side of his face, so I would hold his little head/ stroke his cheek like I always do (when he'll tolerate it). He's only done that a few times in the past, but oh my gosh. Melt my heart why don't you. He also fell asleep in the car about a block away from the house and would NOT wake up when we got home.
One tired little guy
I tried sitting with him and gently waking him up. It didn't really work.

He's taken to saying "hmmm" whenever I do. The mimic stage begins. Guess I should cut the swearing down at least a little bit, eh?

He started calling actual babies 'mama'. Actually he started pointing to random things and saying it. But he says it in such a sweet voice every time and I just love hearing it. So I don't mind so much.

It was a challenging weekend but I managed to make it without completely losing my mind. I was so ready for Shawn to get home, and honestly to get back to work on Monday. Stay at home & Single Moms? You guys kick some serious ass. That's all I have to say.

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