Monday, March 5, 2012

Friday Five

1. I had to go to the dentist last week. It was not good. I'm not going to tell you exactly cause it's so embarrassing. Let's just say I shouldn't have gone so long between checkups (I believe the last one was sometime before I got married, maybe 2008...) and I really need to put.down.the dr.pepper. But I just....can't! It's truly my only vice. I don't smoke, don't drink very often, don't like coffee. Still, it's ruining my teeth and making it impossible to lose the baby weight. From Q. So yeah.

2. So on Saturday Shawn had borrowed his dad's truck so we could finally go buy a crib for Archer. He decided while he was out to stop at the hardware store for some shelving units for the garage (you know- to store all the stuff we haven't unpacked, holiday junk, etc). So he came home with those. And two trees. What the what? A Japanese Maple and an apple tree. We haven't done anything with the yard since we bought the house in August. And we don't have any trees in our front or back yard. I believe the maple will go in the backyard corner that borders two other houses. Start working on blocking our view of the trampoline in one if the yards, Haha. Now, wish us luck because we know nothing about plants or gardening. I'm hoping we don't kill these things.

3. And like I mentioned we finally got a crib for Archer. What? He's only 3 months old, lol. I think he'll sleep really well in his crib. He's truly just the best little sleeper. I'm really hoping this isn't jinxing anything, but let me tell you. I feed him somewhere between 7 and 9, and lay him down on his play mat or next to me on the couch. He entertains himself for awhile and then falls asleep by himself. And stays asleep mostly nights when we move him to the bassinet. And sleeps until 3 or 4 or 5. Seriously this kid is just awesome.

4. I've never had a problem with girl scout cookies. I'm not really into Thin Mints (don't shoot!) so I've never fallen into the girl scout cookie trap. Until now. See the thing is? Savannah Smiles. Do you remember Lemon Coolers? These are like Lemon Coolers. So delicious. And Shawn bought me a box. Then 5 more. I don't really think there will be any left by the end of the weekend.

5. So I've done it. I've ordered the invitations for Q's second birthday. Clearly he's just gonna go ahead and turn two whether I want him to or not. Rude! Besides being in denial about my baby growing up, I'm actually kind of excited. I just super love birthday parties. I'm doing a Mickey Mouse theme, and hoping to add some homemade elements to the Party City decor. I think it's gonna be really fun!

Okay dearies, have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. You are taunting me with promises of lemon coolers...I think it's better that I don't discover these cookies...

    1. Haha, yeah you should probably stay away. I brought a box into my office the other day and they're long gone now. But I must say, if you're craving the lemon coolers, these are a good way to satisfy that craving ; )